Gifts for 14 Year Old

Our gift experts have curated 194 unique and thoughtful gifts for 14 year old

Gifts for 14 Year Old:Amazon Echo
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Quadcopter Drone
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Light Up Hoodies
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Cozmo Robot
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Robotic Arm DIY Kit
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Dr. Cool Rock Tumbler
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Gummy Bear Night Lights
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Parrot Swing + Flypad
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:3Doodler 3D Pen
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Portable Photo Printer
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Harry Potter Collection
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Worlds Best Geode Kit
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:OGIO Metro Streetpacks
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:R/C Rock Crawler
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Gravity Maze
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:Maisto Street Troopers
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Gifts for 14 Year Old:OgoSport OgoDisk RAQ
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Expert Tips

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Your Inspired Guide to Stellar Gifts for 14-Year-Olds

They're not kids anymore, but not adults either. It may seem tough to find a gift for a 14-year-old in your life, but actually their interests are versatile and there are a lot of ways to have fun hunting for a perfect present. Try these options:


Start with an Interview

Sure, talking to a teenager can mean a lot of "yeah" and "no" answers. But, if you ask them about what they're into these days, you're a lot more likely to get them a gift that they never forget?in a good way!


Get fancy

They're old enough to own something valuable and distinct, so don't be afraid to gift a 14-year-old their first significant piece of jewelry or a serious watch. 


Take a risk

Teenagers are known for their sense of adventure, so be brave with your gift-giving! A quirky-cool present like a funky pair of socks or a novelty wallet will stand out among the standard fare.


Try technology

Every 14-year-old can use accessories for their phones or tablets, so that's a sure thing, as are speakers and new ways to listen to music. 


Mark memories

At this age, people are starting to treasure life's big moments. Help the preserve a memory with an engraved frame or a keepsake - like a holiday ornament or mug - with a special phrase, a meaningful photo or a significant date printed on it.


Start decorating

A sense of their own space is very important to teenagers, so anything that personalizes their room - from a silly pillow to a framed print they'll adore - helps define their world.


Be playful

Gifts for 14-year-olds don't have to be serious - a new game or a sophisticated toy (a robot, perhaps) will tap into their still-active imaginations.


Buy it last-minute

Don't worry if you've waited until the eleventh hour to buy a gift. Someone this age will love a teen magazine subscription or a delivery club that appeals to their interests (monthly pizza, anyone?).

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