Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces

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Those sweet snuggles and the unconditional excitement that greets you when you come home after a long day easily make pets the most treasured members of the family. Whether it's a lab that thinks it's a lap dog or a cat that thinks it's King; if you know someone who loves their pet like it's a person then this is the ultimate gift for them. They will receive a clay impression kit along with instructions of how to get a great impression of that wet little nose and where to send it to create their one-of-a-kind pet lover gift. Hand-finished in silver, each pendant is painstakingly molded and finished to highlight the unique texture and shape of their loved one's sweet shnoz. Everyone wants to think that their precious pet will live forever, but the truth is that pets' lives are never long enough. This gift makes them immortal and lets them live on literally close to the heart forever. If you know someone who has a new pet, a sick pet, or simply a pet that is their ultimate partner in life; now is the perfect time to commemorate it with a silver pendant that will be with them long after their little buddy is gone. The pendant comes with a classic 18-inch sterling silver necklace that makes it perfect for wearing everyday either alone for a casual look or layered with other pieces for something more dramatic. Plan on it taking about 2-4 weeks for each pendant to be created once the impression is received at the Knoxville, Tennessee studio. If you want to surprise your favorite pet lover with the completed pendant, give yourself at least 5 weeks from the date of purchase to the date of final delivery PRODUCT INFO: Choose from Sterling silver or Gold Hand-finished silver or gold pendant 18 inch sterling silver or gold-filled necklace included

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