Anniversary Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Our gift experts have curated 38 unique and thoughtful anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend

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The Girlfriend You Love: Anniversary Ideas for Her

Anniversaries don't have to mean stress and pressure. They can be exciting and fanciful days to celebrate a long-lasting love! How to make the gift-giving aspect more fun? Take the guesswork out of choosing the right present. Here are a few unique and meaningful anniversary ideas for her.


Listen well

What has she mentioned to you recently? A movie she wants to see? A restaurant she wants to try? A bag she loves but can't justify spending money on? She's giving you hints as to the best anniversary ideas for her - take them!


Consult her family

Ask her mom if there's a dessert she always loved as a kid, then make it - or buy it. Or see if her sister can tell you about a secret wish she's always had, and then you can fulfill it.


Perform an act of service

 From making her breakfast in bed to cleaning her car to getting that faulty clasp on the necklace she loves fixed, finally, any act that shows her how thoughtful you can be will demonstrate your affections.


Plan an adventure

It doesn't have to be a long weekend in Paris (though it can be!). any escape from the normal routine is exciting. Take a day trip to a state park and hike to a gorgeous view, go to breakfast at a cafe that's a long drive out of town down country roads, or discover a new part of your own hometown to explore. When brainstorming anniversary ideas for her, the key is originality, not expense.


Let it shine

While you may not be at diamond ring status yet, a meaningful piece of jewelry is always appreciated. Notice her taste and habits (Does she never wear earrings? Then don't go there!), and try to pick out something she'll wear. Lockets or jewelry that feature her initials add an extra personal touch.


Celebrate your "firsts"

As theme gifts go, this one is tops. Take her to the spot of your first date, stream the first movie you ever saw together, or buy her the album where "your song" is featured. Bonus points if you try a new "first" just for this day that you can remember year after year.

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