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The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts for Friends

When you’re with your friends everything makes so much more sense and you feel like you can handle anything life throws your way. Friends have a magical way of making your free time feel truly freeing and your toughest moments feel manageable. Chances are, you have one that stands out from the crowd as your go-to. The one who you see the most, who gives the best advice, who shows up and makes you laugh right on cue. They deserve a little something to show you’re thankful for being on this ride with them. You know it’s true and that’s why you’re here. And that’s why we’ve put together some tips for finding Valentine’s Day gifts for a friend.


A little goes a long way

With a good friend, it truly is thought that counts. Whether you simply pick up a card and enscribe a heartfelt note, or snag a chocolate bar or a Valentine’s Day themed knick-knack at the local shop; they’ll be grateful that you thought of them on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to spend a lot or do a lot for your truest friends. They now you, love you, and don't have many strings attached. 


Make it official

You’ve been friends for a while and you just know that you’ll be friends forever. Up the ante and get matching necklaces or other matching gear (maybe even personalize it, too!) for you to wear together or apart. Obvs, you know his or her style and know what will be just right for the two of you. Maybe a snow globe with a favorite snapshot of the two of you? Or another kind of photo decor, or album, will show them you value their friendship and want to put it on display!


Brighten their day

We’ve already said that you know their style, naturally. So, take that somewhere fun by giving them a gift to spruce up their personal space. From succulent plants to spa gifts to a sweet tea set for two; there are lots of lovely thing to give your friend that will show you care on Valentine’s Day. One thought is to give something that you are obsessing over or love to use. Sharing a personal favorite with one of your favorite people lets them see into your world even more and is sure to spark conversation!


Honor your friendship

Every friendship has its own unique array of things that you call “your things”. The things that you always come back to. The things that you do again and again together because you just have so much fun doing them. Honor that unique part of your friendship by giving a gift that tips its hat in that direction. Love trying new things together? Then, a DIY kit or gift certificate to do something new is the gift for you! If you love dishing dirt and having heart to hearts over delicious drinks or a fun game? A hilarious new board or card game will liven up your lives. Or, a set of glasses just for your conversations with book of new drinks to try could be just the ticket. Is she a hardcore women’s movement mama? Then a girl power gift is your go-to. You know your friendship best, and that is exactly where to start to find the perfect gift for a friend.


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