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How to Find Gifts to Purrrfectly Please Your Cat Lover

Cat lovers are known to wear their cat-obsessed stripes loud and proud. That's purrrfect for you, who's in charge of rounding up cat gifts for her. Though let's not stereotype every fabulous cat lady as liking the same cat gifts - they're all different and know exactly what they like! And you want to charm your cat lover with cat gifts just for her. Don't fret over felines, we have tips for shopping unique cat lover gifts for your favorite cat-fanatic. Consider it our treat to you.


Indoor or Outdoor

One of the first things to consider in choosing cat gifts for her is whether her kitty resides exclusively indoors, outdoors, or some combination. Indoor cats need more accessories, like cardboard posts, to get their scratchies out. While outdoor cats need tick collars and extra brushing after exploring the great backyard.


Personality Clues

Some of the most unique cat lover gifts come straight from considering the cat’s personality. If you don’t know, that’s easy info to come by: Cat lovers adore talking about their kitcats! Once you have a sense of whether the cat is a mushball or a finicky feline who keeps to himself, you can choose a funny gift that plays off their cat’s individual personality.


Cat Complaints

Have you been hearing about the cats scratching up the sofas for a while? Think on cat gifts for her that also help save the furniture (like a special seat for Mr. Elliott).


Art Fan

Check to see if your cat lover has a favorite illustrator or artist (maybe a shop saved to her Etsy favorites or peek on her Pinterest boards for clues). Cat-themed gifts of art might already be on her wishlist, or you could look into having a special cat drawing commissioned.  


Badge of Honor

If your girl is a true cat lover, she’s probably overshared in the social media world. Take that as your cue and think on birthday gifts that feature cat patterns or cat sayings to proudly wave her cat lady flag.


Fan Girls

Cat lovers are not just madames and ladies. In fact, your little missus might be absolutely obsessed with kitties. So consider the age of your gift recipient before scoping out any cat themed gifts. If she’s on the younger side, toys and games related to her favorite animal will be seen as the cat’s meow.


Cat Support

Think about your cat lover’s lifestyle. Does she travel constantly for work and needs to hire out cat sitters? Does she live in a small place and could use a better litter box system? Does she make frequent trips to the vet for her elderly cat companion? Sometimes the best gifts come from thinking on her needs, especially if your cat lover is feeling cash-strapped this year.


What about other pet lovers in your life?

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