60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Our gift experts have curated 78 unique and thoughtful 60th birthday gift ideas

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Gift Spotting Guide to Surprising 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Making it to the sixth decade point of life is an landmark to be celebrated! When a friend or family member turns the big 6-0, make sure you're ready with a present that rises to the occasion. Here are a few 60th birthday gift ideas for specific people in your life


For Your Partner

For Your Grandparent


Honor your grandparent by making a photo album of special moments from his life or creating a book filled with his personal history that he can share with the whole the family.

For Your Coworker


An elegant office set with stationery supplies always fits the bill, as does a beautiful gift basket with treats she might like (beer, chocolate, or savory snacks, for instance). She may even share it with her office mates!

For Your Parent


Pamper the person who has taken care of you all these years with something comforting like at-home spa equipment, a soft, cozy robe, or luxurious candles and soaps that will make her feel special and celebrated.

For your Sibling


You know your sibling's interests and hobbies better than most people do, so play those up with a gift that speaks to his passions. Golfers may love a lesson with a pro, foodies will adore kitchen accessories and unique ingredients, and travel buffs will get into guided city tours in various locations.

For Your Friend

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