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Beer Of The Month Club
$125.85 @ AmazingClubs
Why I Love You Book
$49.95 @ Lovebookonline
Deep Sea Sand Art
$85.00 @ Uncommongoods
Race A Ferrari
$299.00 @ cloud9living
Variety Of The Month Club
$89.85 @ AmazingClubs
Around The World Beer Bucket
$79.99 @ GourmetGiftBaskets
Helicopter Tours
$250.00 @ cloud9living
Golf History Newspaper Book
$79.99 @ ItsThoughtful
Nostalgic Arcade Machine
$2499.00 @
Cheese Of The Month Club
$143.85 @ AmazingClubs
Ice Cream Of The Month
$164.85 @ AmazingClubs
Wine Of The Month Club
$131.85 @ AmazingClubs
Lunch & Dinner Cruises
$99.00 @ cloud9living
Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro
$129.00 @ cloud9living
Custom Vinyl Record
$175.00 @ ItsThoughtful
PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer
$59.95 @ ItsThoughtful
Learn To Fly
$150.00 @ cloud9living
Whiskey Rocks, Set Of 2
$19.95 @ Homewetbar
Wine Making Kit With Barrel
$159.95 @ ItsThoughtful
Walking Food Tours
$50.00 @ cloud9living
Anniversary Love Book
$49.95 @ Lovebookonline
Personal Map Money Clip
$80.00 @ Thegrommet
Lobster Of The Month Club
$344.85 @ AmazingClubs
Cake Of The Month Club
$83.85 @ AmazingClubs

Expert Tips

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Your Guide to Finding Unique Gifts for Men
Forget ties, wallets, and socks. Sure, guys need those things, but unique gifts for men can't be beat when it comes to special occasions for husbands, boyfriends, brothers, dads, and more. If it's the thought that counts, then thinking outside the ordinary will mean the world to him. Here's some inspiration. 

Appeal to his sense of humor
There's nothing funny about a mug - unless it's a mug with a joke on it. Socks? Nothing to chuckle at. Super silly socks? Now those are cute. If your guy has an exceptional sense of humor, go the extra mile. A custom stuffed animal modeled after your beau is downright hilarious!

Help him start a collection
Collecting is a fun, lifelong hobby, so kick-start one you know your guy will be happy to continue, whether it's rare coins, historical sculptures, or, fine, even quirky neck ties!

Find things he never knew he wanted
Does dad even know a beer mug with a built-in bottle-opener exists? Does your chocolate- and bacon-loving boyfriend know there are snacks that combine both of his favorite snacks? Dig around for unique gifts for men that will make your guy say, "Who even thought of this?!"

Customize it
What's more unique than a tee-shirt, a mouse pad, or a toiletries case emblazoned with your husband's name? Scratch that: Make it his nickname. Or gift him with a bag or a laptop case emblazoned with a picture of your pet or a set of golf balls with your children's faces on them.

Go vintage
Know a guy with a taste for old-timey trinkets. Deck out his desk with an old-fashioned phone or letter opener. Decorate his bookcase with vintage bookends or an antique book.

Give gifts that look like other things
Cufflinks that appear to be a pair of pennies. A desktop catchall that looks like a toolbox. A pizza cutter that looks like a bicycle. The options are endless - and ultra unique.

Go green
No, not the color. Gift dad with something made of recycle or upcycled materials, something that's biodegradable, or something that's otherwise beneficial to the environment.

Gift Guides

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When men orbited down from Mars, they seem to have brought their own unique sense of humor. So when you're on the hunt for gifts for men, keep in mind one important point: What makes him smile may be a gift that's a little goofy, sarcastic, or just plain off-the-wall. Go with it! Remember you’re looking for gifts for men, and a gift that gets a laugh is the best one to give him.

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Without doubt, he's the unusually difficult person to shop for on your list. He also doesn't let on about what's on his wishlist when a holiday is about to roll around. The best solution? Don't play it safe. Because we all know that safe gifts are the most boring. Instead, jump into this long list of gift ideas that are unusual — so you can catch him off guard with a gift or experience he's sure to love.

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Here’s the thing about shopping for men. You’re bound to get a response to your gift that’s very clear and certain whether he likes it or not. Politeness aside, you’re going to know if your guy thinks your gift is cool. He either does or he doesn’t. That’s a lot of pressure! So hop onto this long gift list of ideas for men, so you know you’re picking a sure thing that's bound to get the cool stamp.

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It’s no laughing matter that the clock is ticking and you don’t have any gift in mind for him. Funny gifts for men are most successful when they feel effortless, much like the perfect punchline. Although, who has time to source out the best, funniest, most original gifts for men? We didn’t think you did, so we did the work for you. Here’s your ultimate guide to gifts for men!

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You’ve certainly heard it before — manly gifts are the most difficult gifts to get right. The blame always gets pointed to the men, and how men are comparably harder to shop for. But maybe we’ve gotten it all wrong. Perhaps it feels so hard to shop for men because there’s simply a surplus of schmoopy gifts in stores. We stacked this guide with stellar gifts for men that are unapologetically manly.

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