35 Gifts For A Male

We all know a guy who’s a whiz in the kitchen. Or perhaps the birthday boy has been searching for a way to meditate or misses the heart-pounding thrill of going from zero to 160 in the blink of an eye. Finding the perfect gifts for a male friend or family member can be ridiculously fun — especially when you have access to this expertly curated list of unique male gifts and one-of-a-kid surprise. From sand art to stock car racing, grilling tools to a moonshine maker, these good male gifts will make both you and your lucky guy feel great.

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Variety of the Month Club

For the guy who likes a little bit of everything, there’s this mix-and-match subscription box. Pick a few of his favorites and he gets a surprise once month — and remembers your generosity all year long.


Sand Art

Great for adding a bit of zen to his home or office. Whether plunked on a desk or mounted on a wall, it’s ready to captivate and sooth for hours on end.


NYT Custom Birthday Book

His big day is special, and know he’ll know all the other events that make the day of his birthday extra memorable. It’s a smart pick for history buffs, trivia aficionados, and anyone who appreciates a unique find.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Give the gift of a custom-finished barrel emblazoned with your favorite guy’s name and other key details. He loves whiskey, and now he can age and serve his very own blend.


Smart Key Organizer & Tracker

You can’t wait to see him, so help ensure he’s on time for the next meetup. He’ll love knowing this tracker gives him an easy way to organize and find his keys — plus the slimline design looks super chic.


Men's Personalized Spa Robe

It’s spa-worthy pampering in the comfort of his own home — plus, the robe is brimming with details like personalization and roomy oversized pockets to take this present totally over the top.


Golf History Newspaper Book

It’s the greatest hits of modern-day golf, with page after page dedicated to incredible moments in golfing history. Every feature comes directly from articles in The Washington Post, so you know your gift is as accurate and detailed as it is awesome.


Personalized Dartboard & Cabinet

Whether he’s looking for the perfect finishing touch for his man cave or needs a place to start, this customized set delivers. Great for experienced dart players as well as those who want to experiment with so-called “baseball golf.”


Par-Tee Golf Gift Box

Curated by golfers for golfers, this gift box is brimming with exciting finds that will help him enjoy is favorite pastime both on and off the green.


Learn to Fly

Send him off into the wild blue yonder, only this time he’s in control. Thrillseekers and self-professed adrenalin junkies choose between a helicopter, airplane, and glider — the experience may last just hours, but the memories will stick around for a lifetime.


Beer of the Month Club

If your guy likes brewskies, he’ll love getting a whopping one dozen premium, artisanal craft brews every month. The facts and inside info that comes in the accompany newsletter is just a bonus.


Premium Leather Dopp Kit

Someone so handsome needs somewhere to keep all their beauty supplies. This dopp kit keeps everything from toothpaste to cotton swabs safe while he’s at home or on the go.


Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Because his taste buds appreciate the change to tingle, there’s this subscription box built around gourmet hot sauces. He gets to enjoy fiery finds on all his culinary creations without having to hunt them down.


Ride Shotgun in a Stock Car

The wind in his hair, the feel of the track beneath the car’s tires, the feeling that this experience is the coolest thing ever — he gets all that and more while zooming around a pro track at breakneck speed. It’s a race car fan’s dream come true!


Personalized Home State Canvas

Whether he misses home or just wants to honor his favorite state, now he has a work of art that’s distinctly personal in more ways than one.


Ballpark Park Glasses

Give him a classier way to sip through the seventh inning stretch with whiskey glasses that combine team colors and classy barware. The result? He can salute his team and your savvy gift-giving skills at the same time.


College Town Wall Sculpture

Until it’s class reunion time, there’s this 3D work of art that brings his old college town to life. There’s a special focus the campus and stadium, so pick this for football fans who’ll never stop rooting for their gridiron guys.


Personalized Baseball Travel Mug

Cold coffee is only tasty if it’s meant to be chilly. Give him a personalized mug that honors America’s favorite pastime while it keeps warm drinks nice and hot down to the last sip.


Best-In-Class Portable Grill

He’s a genius with a spatula, so why not give him a chance to take his barbecue act on the road? This compact (and did we mention sustainabable?) unit is perfect for grilling in small spaces or while he’s visiting his bros.


Custom Golf Ball Marker

Put his initials on these custom markers and he’ll never have to leave his ball in the line of fire again.


Personalized Star Map

It’s kind of hard to take a picture of the night sky, so the smart cookies behind these star maps have done it for you. Recreate the exact sky alignment of any date and time and watch his jaw drop in delight.


Cheese of the Month Club

It’s always a gouda time for some cheese. Brie his knight in shining armor and deliver a delicious gift that reminds him he’s never prov-ALONE. Get it?!


Engraved Whiskey Decanter

Whether you pour some whiskey into this decanter before wrapping it up or present it as is, he’s going to gaga over the vessels’ sleek lines as well as your carefully chosen personalization.


Personalized Silver Fortune Cookie

It’s the best part of Chinese takeout (okay, egg rolls are pretty great too) transformed into a unique male gift worthy of a space on his desk, dresser, or mantel. You even get to insert your own custom fortune, so start brainstorming ideas!


Golfer's Beer Mug (2 Pack)

Cheers! It’s time to toast his short game with twin beer mugs that look just like a golf bag. Ability to hit an eagle on a par-three sold separately.


Personalized Leather Portfolio

Help him put his best foot forward at his next board meeting or investor pitch with a portfolio that’s every bit as chic and sophisticated as he is. The personalization is just the icing on the cake.


Appalachian Trail Card Case

It’s a new way to bring the outdoors in and combine the beauty of a legendary hiking trail an accessory that will help keep him organized. Not to mention its potential as a conversation starter!


Coffee of the Month Club

Lattes, cappuccinos, a classic cup of joe — he loves them all, and now he can whip up his daily caffeine fix (or is that “fixes”?) using gourmet beans sourced from coffee hot spots all over the world.


Original Stone Drink Dispenser

Fact: Frosty adult beverages taste better when they’re funneled through an attractive hunk of rock. Now only a quick flick of a finger stands between him and a shot of something delicious.


Grill Tools With Light Gift Set

What’s cooler than x-ray vision? Being able to see your steak as acquires the perfect amount of char. Add to his grilling tool kit with a gadget that truly sizzles (sorry, we had to do it).


Premium BBQ Apron

Great barbecue shouldn’t come at the expense of his clothes. This apron keeps his outfit clean while he grills, crafts, or builds another one of his masterpieces.


Portable Water Purifier Bottle

He’ll be like a wizard when he transforms random water sources into a thirst-quenching beverage, all thanks to a simple little cap.


History Mailed To You

What better way to learn about some of history’s most momentous events than through a series of letters written by the people who made that history happen?


Personalized Moonshine Kit

It may be called “bathtub gin,” but homemade booze will taste a lot better when it’s made using a kit designed expressly for that purpose. Plus, it’s easier to personalize this retro reusable jug than it is to etch his name on the outside of his shower. Win win!


Personalized Grilling Tool Set

The man, the myth, the legend — a dude that great deserves a high-end set of grilling tools. With this kit, that’s exactly what he’ll get.


The man, the myth, the legend — a dude that great deserves a high-end set of grilling tools. With this kit, that’s exactly what he’ll get.

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Oct 28, 2020


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