Gifts for 17 Year Old

Find over 306 best gifts for 17 year old in 2024

Gifts for 17 Year Old:Amazon Echo
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Gifts for 17 Year Old:Quadcopter Drone
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Gifts for 17 Year Old:Light Up Hoodies
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Gifts for 17 Year Old:Parrot Swing + Flypad
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Gifts for 17 Year Old:3Doodler 3D Pen
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Gifts for 17 Year Old:All-In-One Makeup Set
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Gifts for 17 Year Old:Macho Man CD Holder
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Gifts for 17 Year Old:Minecraft Wall Torch
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Gifts for 17 Year Old:Bicycle Pizza Cutter
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Gifts for 17 Year Old:Gravity Maze
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Expert Tips

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How to Find the Best Gifts for 17-Year-Olds

At 17, you're almost grown up?but not quite. That means that a whole range of gifts appeal to teenagers at this stage - from the playful things reminiscent of childhood to the more sophisticated, mature options. Here are some suggestions for striking the right note with your 17-year-old


Gift an Experience

She's old enough to try skydiving or head out on a day cruise with friends, so why not bestow some love with a brand new adventure she'll remember forever?


Surprise Him

Seventeen is an age when young people think they know everything, so surprises are extra delightful. Whether it's an unexpectedly funny message tee or a quirky subscription to an of-the-month club, unique and unusual presents resonate with 17-year-olds.


Get Grooming

Shower accessories, at-home spa kits, and artisanal soaps will always be appreciated by a 17-year-old who's experimenting with her beauty and grooming routine.


Honor a Memory

Find a special frame that's engraved with a phrase or a date or choose a unique diary or scrapbook where he can record important moments. You might even spring for a quality camera so he can capture the many milestones still to come in his life.


Celebrate a Hobby

Consider her interests and present them with something that will enhance their favorite pastimes, like a new e-reader for the teen who reads books voraciously or audio accessories for a music maven.


Game Them

From ping-pong to foosball to old-school video game consoles, 17 is an age when people love to play in groups. Play up this aspect of their personalities.


Get Practical

Accessories for a teen's car - like a key organizer or safety kits or multi-tools - are always good for the entire family's peace of mind.


Feed Them

When you're 17, a giant snack basket is incredibly appreciated - and disappears quickly, especially during an evening with friends.

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