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Beer Gifts:Beer Of The Month Club
Beer Gifts:Golfers Beer Mug (2 Pack)
Beer Gifts:Personalized Beer Growler
Beer Gifts:Personalized Beer Bottle Labels Set Of 6 -..
Beer Gifts:Around The World Beer Bucket
Beer Gifts:Personalized Beer Mug
Beer Gifts:Personalized Birthday Sweatshirts - 21st..
Beer Gifts:Personalized Beer Mugs
Beer Gifts:Personalized Magnetic Bottle Opener -..
Beer Gifts:Bucket List Personalized Red Metal Beer Bucket
Beer Gifts:Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket
Beer Gifts:Fizzics Beer Dispenser
Beer Gifts:Chillsner, Beer Chiller (2 Pack)
Beer Gifts:Personalized Glass Birthday Beer Mug -..
Beer Gifts:Beer Tours & Tastings
Beer Gifts:Craft Beer World Map
Beer Gifts:Personalized Beer Mugs For Dad - Date..
Beer Gifts:Personalized 6pk Beer Caddy Bottle Opener
Beer Gifts:Personalized Retirement Beer Mug
Beer Gifts:Personalized Magnetic Bottle Opener - You..
Beer Gifts:Personalized Tumbled Stone Coasters - Beer..
Beer Gifts:Personalized Beer Tankard
Beer Gifts:Personalized Birthday Beer Mugs
Beer Gifts:Handcrafted Wooden Beer Carrier
Beer Gifts:Moustaches Grand Pilsner Glass
Beer Gifts:The World Atlas Of Beer
Beer Gifts:Unbreakable Beer Glasses
Beer Gifts:Leather Classic Beer Holster
Beer Gifts:Playful Elephant Wine Bottle Holder
Beer Gifts:Beer Chiller Pint Glass
Beer Gifts:Beer Glasses From Around The World
Beer Gifts:Beer Chiller
Beer Gifts:BrewDemon Hard Cider Kit Plus
Beer Gifts:Heineken BeerTender
Beer Gifts:Premium Gold Edition Beer Kit
Beer Gifts:His Beer/Her Beer Pilsner Set
Beer Gifts:Personalized Glass Beer Mug In Wedding Party..
Beer Gifts:His & Hers Personalized Beer Glasses
Beer Gifts:Personalized Mason Jars - Write Your Own..
Beer Gifts:Personalized Pint Glasses - Date Established
Beer Gifts:Personalized Beer Stein - Date Established

Expert Tips

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Your Essential Guide to Beer Gifts for Any Occasion

Beer makes an awesome gift the host of almost any event - from summer barbeques and housewarming soirees to game nights and other gatherings. Not to mention, beer gifts are an easy way to toast big milestones (like landing that promotion). With small-batch booze, drink accessories, and many ways to stock a home bar, it's easy to feel stuck on what beer-themed gift to give. Here are our best tips on beer gifting minus the brouhaha.


Show them you know them

Find out whether they're an IPA type, more of a lager lover, love a kitschy label or like to brew their own; knowing this will help you find a gift that lines up with their tastes.


Celebrate their passion for Pilsner

Beer gifts don't have to directly relate to the serving and drinking of those foamy suds. There are loads of beer-themed decor pieces that acknowledge their love of brew when they may not even be imbibing. This is a safe bet if you don't know what kind of beer they like!


Make it easier to pop open a bottle

Your host can always use another bottle opener; especially ones with a super rad or polished and personalized design.


Give the ultimate beer-drinking experience

Beer has come a long way from the humble beer can. From growlers to a fancy six-pack caddy, there are many fine gifts that help to kick back with a brew in style.


Celebrate a big step

Look for personalized gifts that deliver a message of congratulations right on the box, bottle or label. Or, to celebrate a milestone, give them as many bottles of their favorite beer as years they've been at whatever you're celebrating.


Let the celebration continue every month

Give the gift of sampling artisanal beers with a monthly club membership. You can add on set of mugs or matching glasses to make it even more fun.

Gift Guides

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Tap Into to the Ultimate Gift List for Drinkers

Trends may come and go, but there's an old standby gift that's always welcome any time — drinking gifts. Even better, gifts for drinkers have become rather trendy with the ever-increasing popularity of homemade craft brews, wine tours, and even playing mixologist at home. So what do you give your favorite boozehound? We’re serving up a long list of gift ideas for drinkers — from top-tier finds to bottom shelf winners.

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