The Booziest Best Drinking Gifts

Some gifts have a fun factor that's built right in. And that's definitely the case with drinking gifts. Keep in mind, there's more to finding gifts for drinkers than simply heading to the local store and picking up a bottle of vino or a six-pack of brews. Your drinking gift should still show you've put some thought into it. Here's your gift list for uncorking drinking gifts that are truly toast-worthy.

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Untap Beer Gifts

Craft Beer Glasses Tasting Kit

The shapes of these craft beer glasses are supposed to enhance flavors and unlock aromas. They also just look really cool at a party.

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Beer Growler

Numbers are important, and this 64-ounce growler is designed for the serious craft beer drinker. The yellow color is just plain fun, too. 

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Premium Beer Making Kit

You know your guy's got skills, so give him a kit to turn him into a beer maker. It's sure to be his next talent. 


State Beer Cap Map

Because it's useless reminding your significant other to toss those bottle caps in the trash. Here's a win-win for all — turn the caps into art. 


Craft Brew Beer Glasses

There's a reason those craft beer glasses are shaped differently for each kind of brew. These pretty glasses are made in France, too. 

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In-Bottle Beer Chillers

Nothing worse than picking up a beer only to discover it's warm (and the game is starting). Here's a quickie solution that he'll appreciate. 


Self-Chilling Beer Glasses

It's the 21st century and beer glasses can now chill on their own. Here's the gift that's fun to receive (and you'd never think to buy yourself.)


Beer Socks

You're looking for a gift for the person who completes you. And this pair of socks completely shows you know him well. 

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Craft Beer Guide

It's safe to safe craft beers are taking over the world. Here's the best guidebook to gift your beer lover. 

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Stainless Steel Bottle Insulator

Give a design-forward stainless steel bottle that keeps a bottle of beer frosty cold — and protects the bottle from breaking while you're out tailgating. 

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Mini Beer Pong

Here's a mini, tabletop version of beer pong for a finger-flicking fun night together.

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Beer of the Month Club

Give him the gift of beer delivered straight to his door. Hopefully in time for must-see TV night. 


The Complete Beer Course Book

The explosion of craft beers has made drinking beer ever-more confusing. Here's a crash course in beer that he'll enjoy. 

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Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Here's a big ticket gift for your one-and-only (or a great group gift from the whole family). Thanks to the wonders of technology he can brew any craft style beer with the touch of a button!

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Craft Beer Bottle Cap Cabinet Knobs

These craft beer bottle cap knobs are calling out for the cabinet drawers of his man cave. 

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Life is Brewtiful T-shirt

For your craft beer fan, here's a brewtiful shirt to give. 

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Vintage Brewery Wooden Beer Caddy

There are fancy cupcake carriers, and yes, now there are now fancy beer carriers. This wooden beer caddy thinks of all the details. 


The Crafty Game For Beer Lovers

Here's a cute game for your favorite beer lover. Just add beer. 

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Oak Aged IPA Beer Recipe Kit

Recipe boxes used to be filled with notes on making a meatloaf or icebox cake. This modern recipe kit sets up your beer lover with making traditional pale ale.

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Fridge Bottle Hanger

The fridge is alway jam-packed, so she'll appreciate a handy way to keep the beer bottles in order. 

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Drink Local T-Shirt

Cheers to a shirt that looks rad — and celebrates how the local movement has hit the beer scene, too.  

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Beer Tasting Set

Some love to go deep into learning about the things they love. Give that beer connoisseur a lesson in beer tasting. 


Around The World Beer Bucket

Consider this beer gift the complete package — brews from around the world mixed with salty treats for when the munchies come on strong. 


Uncork Wine Gifts

Wine Glass Charms

These wine charms are the perfect party solution for any hostess, and they're sparkly. A gem of a gift.

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Air Wine Chiller and Aerator

Because when she wants a bottle of Pinot with dinner, she doesn't want to wait for it to be chilled. 


Wine of the Month Club

Don't be surprised if your person suddenly starts checking the door for deliveries. Because getting a bottle of wine sent to you is a package you don't want to miss. 


Wine Tumblers

These tumblers make it easy to drink wine at a park, by the pool, or out on the boat. 

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Wine Box

This sweet wine box is sure to tug on the heartstings of those new homeowners. (If they just built their new home, you can buy a bottle in the year it was built.)


Wine Making Kit

You can't give your sweetheart a vineyard, but you can turn your favorite wine lover into a wine maker. 


Wine Pearls

Fancy pearls are not her thing. But wine pearls? That's a gift that shows you're in the know. 


Wine Chiller

Because when the temperatures get hot, you're looking for wine that's chilled. 


Cat Drink Markers

Because the cat lady in your life needs a set of cat drink markers for her rosé parties. 

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Wine Preserver

For the entertainer who's always hosting friends (and opening lots of wine), this handy tool preserves what's leftover. 


Might Be Wine Mug

Coffee is crucial, but let's face it. She also needs her wine.

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Wine & Beer Experiences

Sometimes the best gift you can give is the gift of experiencing something new (in drinking). 


Personalized Whole Bottle Wine Glass

Consider this glass the perfect gift for the wine lover who loves a good joke. 


Cheers to Boozy Gifts

Bartending Glasses

Boozie brunch parties will be easier — and more stylish — with these recipe glasses for how to whip together the perfect drink.

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Whiskey Wedge

Wedges are hot — and we're not just talking about shoes she can wear. If your person likes whiskey and does not have a whiskey wedge — this is the need-it gift of the year. 


Diamond Glasses

These diamond glasses look as fancy as the whiskey your friends are fond of. 


Professional Craft Bar Set

If you're looking for a quality, complete set of craft bar essentials, look no further. No muddling around. 

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Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Because the best way to serve up cocktails is in insulated copper. The drinks taste better and the mugs look cooler. 

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Glass Decanter

Laboratory glass meets calligraphy-style lettering in gold for a boozie decanter that will make over her home bar. 

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Whiskey Glasses

Between the saying on these glasses — and the whiskey inside — you can be sure you're giving the gift of an instant conversation starter. 


Nautical Whiskey Stones

You know your person likes anything nautical  (which is also a perfect theme for summer). So these nautical whiskey stones are a win-win. 


Homemade Gin Kit

Here's the best weekend project you can give: a kit that turns a generic bottle of booze into a delicious homeblend gin. (Hopefully you'll get an invite over to test out the results.)

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Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

What did the world do before whiskey stones? You had ice watering down the liquor. #firstworldproblems


Barrel Aged Spirits Kit

This special kit makes for smaller, faster barrel aging. Perfect for those who love a light spirit, like gin or vodka. 


Infusion Kit

Give a kit to make small-batch flavored vodkas at home. With this gift, your friend's parties will be infused with more fun. 

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App-Controlled Cocktail Mixing Kit

There is a science to making cocktails. And of course, there's an app for that. Here's a high-tech cocktail mixing kit for your serious at-home mixologist. 

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Whiskey Tasting Kit

Turns out, there's a mind-boggling number of whiskeys to try in the world. Here's a tasting kit to get him started. 


Raise a glass to even more gift inspiration. Here's a toast to the best wine gifts, beer gifts, and (just for fun) some sweet and saucy gift ideas

May 6, 2017


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