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Finding Valentine’s Day Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriends that Go the Extra Mile

You know you found something good in him and he knows he’s got it good with you, too! Unfortunately, the stars aren’t exactly aligned and you have to spend some time doing the long-distance relationship thing. The good news is that lots of people do it and it makes their relationship stronger as they ride off into the sunset. But, it’s not a walk in the park. How could it be, when you can’t walk in the park together very often? Well, Valentine’s Day is a great time to stoke that fire and keep your relationship close to your hearts and minds...even if you can’t be physically close enough to snuggle. We’ll walk you through some ways to treat that long distance boyfriend right and strengthen that long distance relationship so that it’s in for the long haul.


Send him a love token

Bring yourself closer to him with something personalized (and personal) that’s for him to display, use, or otherwise remind him of how amazing you two are together no matter how far the distance is between you right now. We’re talking about love coupons for him to cash in next time he’s in town, personalized photo decor touches or photo frames, anything useful (water bottle, mug, etc.) personalized with an inside joke between the two of you. If you really want to make it interesting try a customizing a sexy novel that makes you two the stars. Yes, all of these things exist and we have them all right here for you. But the gist is to share the reasons why you love him in a personal way and he’s sure to send love right back at ya.


Keep him busy and out of trouble

He’s living far away to get something done that will inevitably make your life better together...when your paths finally cross again. But, you can’t help but think that he is probably lonely and needs to stay busy to stay out of trouble (with you). We’ve got you covered. Hook him up with a project or new toy that he’ll be tinkering with for a while. Drones, smart running shoes, a subscription to a magazine or media platform, cameras, even better, give him a project that you’ll eventually benefit from..hello cooking kit for learning to make pad thai!. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s something you think he’d be into. Don’t get him running shoes if he doesn’t run and has never mentioned wanting to do so.


Plan something for the next time that you’re together

Those glorious (and maybe a tad awkward) times when you find yourselves back together again are far too precious to spend doing nothing. Make each moment count by planning ahead and sharing it with him for Valentine’s Day. Tastings, tours, a pottery class, skydiving, or whatever! There are so many experiences to choose from and we’ve collected some of the best right here! You could also go for a DIY kit of something that you make together while you’re back in the same zipcode from cooking to creating art from rolling around on the floor (yes, it’s a thing and we’ve got it). Activity gifts generally don’t take up space in your home, but they will always fill a space in your hearts. Make a fun presentation out of it by buying him an accessory for the activity as his Valentine’s Day gift. Explain in your letter or next conversation.


Make the distance feel shorter

You two are seriously lucky to have a long distance relationship in the digital age. There was a time where all you could do was write a letter that took more than a week to arrive. The suspense of waiting for the response, and then finally tearing open that letter to savor each and every word, was delicious. Heck, you can still do that if you want to! If you’re both the writing types, you should give it a try. Being pen pals with your long distance boyfriend could prove to be one of the most romantic and amazing mementos ever. Make sure you both save each one and include a printed photo each time! Of course digital communication is so much more instant and now it’s more realistic than ever. Score him (or both of you) nice camera accessories for your phone or webcam or lights to make each glimpse a little more grand. Or, send him games (send him half the deck of cards and you keep the other) so that you can play a round each time you virtually meet, a wine glass or cocktail set is also fun to send to toast each other on your next video chat.


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