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An Essential Guide to the Perfect 20th Anniversary Gift

Twenty years as a couple is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations on two wonderful decades with the one you love! Now for the hard part: Choosing the ideal gift for your partner - something that honors your bond and perhaps even adheres to the traditional material of the 20th anniversary: platinum. Here are some ideas.


Stick with Platinum

If you're a traditionalist or you just think it's cool that anniversaries are assigned materials (it is!), shop for something platinum for your one and only. Jewelry, watches, and cuff links are great places to start.


Be More Modern

The modern gift suggestion for celebrating 20 years together is china; which is a good idea because that wedding china is probably looking a little tired by now! Or, maybe you never went down that road and are ready to finally have nice dishes the kids won't break. 


Gift a Throwback to Your Wedding

No matter how long you're married, your wedding day will always be precious. If you went on a honeymoon to a special place, buy something that pays homage to that destination. If you danced to a special song, try tickets to the artist's concert!


Get Super Romantic

If you or your sweetheart are shameless romantics bordering on sappiness, go with the flow. A candlelit dinner for two plus a gift engraved with a love quote are perfectly mushy gifts for unabashed romantics.


Be Funny

After 20 years, you've definitely shared a lot of laughs - and that's a great thing to focus on when you're buying an anniversary gift. Put a little humor into your selection and remind your love why she chose you in the first place - because you make her smile.


Engage in Adventure

Being a couple means a lifetime of adventures together, so pay respect to that element of partnership and book the two of you a helicopter ride or racecar driving lessons. If you're feeling extra adventurous, jump out of a plane together. Go ahead, take the leap!


Show Comfort

You comfort him, he comforts you. Gift him something comforting, like a cozy bathrobe with his name on it or the softest sweater ever.

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