Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

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Expert Tips

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Guide to Getting the Best Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend
She's your partner and the love of your life, so you want to celebrate her birthday in a way she truly deserves. That doesn't have to mean spending an entire paycheck (though it can). Think about her taste, her wants and needs, and her hopes and dreams. You can't go wrong when choosing a birthday gift that's tailored to your girlfriend

Make a Memory
If your girlfriend has always wanted to fly a plane or or loves sailing, plan a date to do one of these outdoor activities together. Remember to take photos and capture the special experience for posterity.

Drink to Her
A wine-of-the-month club, some sparkling champagne or the perfect cocktail glasses for her home bar all make classy gifts that say "Cheers to you, my love."

Be Picture Perfect
A romantic image of the two of you in an elegant frame, perhaps with an engraved date or phrase that is meaningful to her, shows her that a lot of thought and affection went into this gift choice.

Be a True Romantic
A home-cooked meal, flowers, and a card that expresses your feelings are traditional, can't-miss gifts. For something a little more unique, have your personal love story written into her very own personalized book.

Dazzle Her
Whether she's a simple pearl-stud woman or a statement-necklace type, present her with jewelry that will make gasp with delight ? and when better for that than on her birthday?

Be Silly
A mug decorated with an inside joke, a funny message t-shrt, or a keepsake that reminds both of you of a humorous moment in your relationship will always bring laughter to a birthday celebration.

Pamper Her
A soft robe, scented candles, and pretty soaps make most women feel special and treasured. Give her time to sit quietly and enjoy these indulgent items.

Gift Guides

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Birthdays for a girlfriend require some forward-thinking and planning. You can’t just show up with a grab-and-go bouquet and promise of good food and think she’ll get the deeper message that you appreciate the day she was born. So now’s the time to brainstorm, and more importantly, shop for birthday gifts for your girlfriend. Here’s your easy-peezy guide to picking a birthday gift that shows you took the time to think this one thru — because she means so much to you.

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