Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

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Wine Of The Month Club
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Variety Of The Month Club
$89.85 @ AmazingClubs
Food & Wine Experiences
$50.00 @ cloud9living
Helicopter Tours
$250.00 @ cloud9living
Rap Lyrics Wine Box
$65.00 @ Artificerwoodworks
Personalized Star Map
$45.00 @ Underluckystars
Ice Cream Of The Month
$164.85 @ AmazingClubs
Name & Interests Canvas
$37.99 @ Thepersonalizationco
Lobster Of The Month Club
$344.85 @ AmazingClubs
Couples Pillowcases
$29.99 @ Boldloft
Lunch & Dinner Cruises
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Forever Love Infinity Bracelet
$129.00 @ Bradfordexchange
Adventure Gifts
$95.00 @ cloud9living
Lunch + Dinner Cruises
$90.00 @ cloud9living
Personalized Lovers Knot Ring
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Engraved Birthstone Ring
$89.00 @ Bradfordexchange
Scenic Cruises
$50.00 @ cloud9living
Premium Spa Gift Basket
$99.99 @ GourmetGiftBaskets
Tandem Skydiving
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Opal And Diamond Pendant
$199.00 @ Bradfordexchange
Flower Of The Month Club
$134.85 @ AmazingClubs

Editors Notes

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Best birthday gifts for girlfriend

When you’re looking for gifts for a girlfriend, there are few basic tenets to follow: don’t freak her out with a ring box, don’t make her uncomfortable because you spent too little or too much, don’t give her something generic or sexist unless you know 100% that she wants it. Here are some fun ways to think of the perfect gift for your girlfriend without stressing.


Romantic gifts for girlfriend

She’s your girl, whether it’s been a week or a decade, and you still get all giddy when you think about her smile. If she still makes you swoon, then you’re destined to buy romantic birthday gifts for your girlfriend. These are gifts that will bring you closer like experiences or DIY kits, or gifts that honor or signify something meaningful to your relationship like personalized maps or jewelry.


Unique birthday gifts for girlfriend

There’s no one quite like her in the world and you know you’re lucky to have her. Your girlfriend deserves a gift as unique as she is and that means you’re on the hunt for something uncommonly amazing like a one of a kind work of art or a special something that lines up with one of their unique interests or hobbies.


Creative birthday gifts for girlfriend

She loves it when people think out of the box and surprises are what truly make her smile. You’re looking for creative birthday gifts for your girlfriend and you need them to stand out without a doubt. Keep an eye out for gifts that come in unsuspecting packaging, send her on a scavenger hunt to find her gift, make her something with your own hands be it dinner, art, or anything else you’re savvy about making. She doesn’t want any old thing from off the shelf. If you buy it already made, you’re going to have to make sure she’s never seen or heard of it before to really blow her mind. It will be worth it! Check out our unusual gifts category for a intro to some of the most creative gifts you can buy.


Thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

If you really want to blow her mind, then you’ve got to pull off some seriously thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend. We’re not talking about the hottest gadget or trendiest accessory. We’re talking about something that shows you “get” her and want to celebrate her. So, get ready to do some observing and some thinking before you go buying. Thoughtful gifts build a stronger bond, show you’ve been paying attention, know whether she wants her gift to make her feel safe, beautiful, successful, honored, ambitious, understood, etc. Connect with her feelings (only the good ones, please!) and you will score big points.


Last minute gifts for girlfriend

We know you’ve been thinking about it, but somehow you ran out of time to act! Eek! You need some awesome last minute gifts for your girlfriend STAT. There are a few easy outs that she might let slide. One is to get an awesome card from the local shop and write a beautiful message in there. But don’t stop there, buy her a gift certificate to a spa or a restaurant she’s been dying to try, or a class that you can do together...print it out and put it in the card. Done. Experiences are the best last minute gift to get because you can print it out and then plan it together. She’ll like that you wanted her to be part of the planning. Just make sure you cook her dinner or take her out for a fancy drink on her actual birthday, too

Expert Tips

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Guide to Getting the Best Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend
She's your partner and the love of your life, so you want to celebrate her birthday in a way she truly deserves. That doesn't have to mean spending an entire paycheck (though it can). Think about her taste, her wants and needs, and her hopes and dreams. You can't go wrong when choosing a birthday gift that's tailored to your girlfriend

Make a Memory
If your girlfriend has always wanted to fly a plane or or loves sailing, plan a date to do one of these outdoor activities together. Remember to take photos and capture the special experience for posterity.

Drink to Her
A wine-of-the-month club, some sparkling champagne or the perfect cocktail glasses for her home bar all make classy gifts that say "Cheers to you, my love."

Be Picture Perfect
A romantic image of the two of you in an elegant frame, perhaps with an engraved date or phrase that is meaningful to her, shows her that a lot of thought and affection went into this gift choice.

Be a True Romantic
A home-cooked meal, flowers, and a card that expresses your feelings are traditional, can't-miss gifts. For something a little more unique, have your personal love story written into her very own personalized book.

Dazzle Her
Whether she's a simple pearl-stud woman or a statement-necklace type, present her with jewelry that will make gasp with delight ? and when better for that than on her birthday?

Be Silly
A mug decorated with an inside joke, a funny message t-shrt, or a keepsake that reminds both of you of a humorous moment in your relationship will always bring laughter to a birthday celebration.

Pamper Her
A soft robe, scented candles, and pretty soaps make most women feel special and treasured. Give her time to sit quietly and enjoy these indulgent items.

Gift Guides

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Birthdays for a girlfriend require some forward-thinking and planning. You can’t just show up with a grab-and-go bouquet and promise of good food and think she’ll get the deeper message that you appreciate the day she was born. So now’s the time to brainstorm, and more importantly, shop for birthday gifts for your girlfriend. Here’s your easy-peezy guide to picking a birthday gift that shows you took the time to think this one thru — because she means so much to you.

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