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What to Consider When Getting a Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Crush

Navigating Valentine’s Day when you have a serious crush can be super stressful! You want them to know how you feel, but not so much that you get crushed, or worse if he or she doesn’t feel the same way. So, what’s a little love bird like you to do? Well, you came to the right place! It really depends on where you are in life and when you see each other most. Read on for more clues to slaying your Valentine’s Day gift game and getting your point across loud and clear. Be strong, be brave, be honest, and never regret taking the chance!


You’re both in middle or high school

You’re really feeling something about that special someone when you pass in the hall, or during class when their your lab partner. You’re not sure how to break the ice but you really want them to know that you’re interested in being more than acquaintances. But how? Tread lightly. Be sweet. Don’t go over the top. No matter how badly you might want to shout your feelings from the rooftops, keep Valentine’s Day gifts for your crush in high school simple. Any gift that you would give another classmate is a good place to start….it’s all in the short message that you write on it that matters. Something like, “Let’s hang out sometime.” or, “I love that you’re my lab partner <3” will gently get the point across. Or, get a laugh out of him or her by giving a funny gift that is not offensive or degrading to them. There are lots of funny little things out there that will show that you took some time to pick a gift just for them. If it gets a laugh or a smile, you can say that you got it for them because you like to see them smile and you knew this would do the trick.


You work, or workout, together

You work on projects together, pass on your morning run, pass in the elevators, or sit just close enough that you can hear their amazing personality come out in conversations with other people their with. The truth is that you’re crushing hard and you have to figure out how to show it. Lots of companies frown on office relationship, so be sure of your office policy and be subtle if you’re risking your and his or her job. Otherwise, we like the idea of giving them something small, not too romantic, or a friendly invitation to do something. A new plant for their desk or a desk accessory is subtle but shows effort. A pair of beer mugs with an IOU for filling them up slipped inside. A running accessory that you swear by and know they’ll love, too. The key is to not make them feel like you’re chasing them down. If you miss Valentine’s Day, these ideas work just as well any day of the year, so don’t give up. Find a good moment and make it happen!


You’re already friends who hang out A LOT

You two spend a lot of time together already and you are starting to feel all of the feels, not just friendship vibes. Do they feel the same way? It’s so hard to tell when you already have a strong relationship with someone where you laugh, tell secrets, maybe even hug or kiss on the cheek often. So how do you push across the line without wrecking this amazing friendship? Consider kindness. Give a gift that won’t make them feel too awkward in the worst case do want to stay friends, right? That means, no jewelry! No sexy anything. No love themed gifts at all. The key to this kind of gift is in the message from the messenger, not the romanticness of the gift. But, hey, you know each other pretty well and are pretty sure you know what will sweep her off her feet. Go with your gut. We like to suggest future date ideas or things made just for two people or in sets of two to hint that you want to do something special together...just the two of you. Other practical gifts or cute gifts in pink or red are thoughtful ways to show that you want them to be your Valentine without scaring them away. It all comes down to what you say when you give it. Keep it short. Practice in advance. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Good luck!


You cross paths in social circles

You see them at a lot of social gatherings from concerts to parties to local haunts. Yet, somehow you haven’t been able to get to know each other better...yet. The good news is that because they are friends with your friends, chances are that they share similar thoughts and values to  your own. This kind of crush is almost always worth a shot because they’re partially vetted for you already! You can start by asking your friends about this special person to get a better idea of their likes and dislikes and past relationship history and current status. Then, if all systems point to go, get to it! Valentine’s Day is a great time to introduce yourself more formally or arrange a game night for singles at your place (or local favorite hangout) with a rousing game of (some card game that will reveal a lot about each person). Try to snag a seat next to him or her or ask them to be on your team (depending on the game). Or, give them something that will make an impression but won’t scare them away. Keep it light and open and if the conversation goes well, ask to see them again just the two of you. This can work whenever the timing feels right and Valentine’s Day might not be that time. Don’t let fear stop you but if they’re just out of a bad or long relationship, you might want to wait on this one. Or, just be friends.


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