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How to Find Surprising Stocking Stuffers for your Amazing Mom

Mom doesn't expect much - beyond a Christmas that brings the family together - which means you can surprise her even more with the right gift. Stocking stuffers can be tricky to sleuth out for mom, since you're normally thinking about bigger gifts and group gifts for the whole gang to go in on. Stocking stuffers are that unique blend of small in size and small in price, yet you want to go big on the wow factor. Here's how to find the best stocking stuffers that will be Mom-approved.


Weekend Mornings

How does Mom spend her weekend mornings? Whether it’s working out or working in her garden, she probably has a routine. Don’t be afraid to ask if you’re not sure how she spends her time. Then pick up a little something related to gardening, or whatever hobby she’s into.


Small Fixes

What’s something that you’ve heard Mom complaining about? Is she in need of some organizing help? Think on problem-solving solutions that are small in size and price, like a new case for her eyeglasses that she could use.


Cozy Comforts

Does your mom love slipper weather and hunkering down in front of a cozy fire? Think on stocking stuffers for her that add comfort during the long winter. Maybe you find the finest hot cocoa mix and gift her a tin with mini marshmallows to boot.  


Glam Mom

Are her toes always painted (even in the dead of winter)? Be a part of her glam squad and give stocking stuffers for mom that keep her looking and feeling good. From pretty mini bottles of nail polish to sweet-scented creams, you can keep mom on her stylin’ toes.


Easy Upgrade

Is your mom on the frugal side? Does it show when you look at her gloves, which have made it through 8 winter seasons? Take an everyday essential and replace it with an upgraded version — because it’s an easy way to take care of Mom.


Regular Cup

Does Mom have a go-to drink of choice? Is she a tea lover? Or does she look forward to a coffee run? Think about what Mom drinks regularly and then sleuth out some little accessories, like a cute tea strainer.


Amuse Her

When in doubt, go for something sweet and personal. Take something she always says and have it turned into a memento, like a print. Both of you can share a laugh.


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