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How to Close on the Best Gift Ideas for Sales People

Sales people know all about closing a big deal. You feel like you're in that mode right now - trying to close on gifts for your sales people (it's that time of year!) or for a special salesperson related to you. Every salesperson also knows it's way easier to sell a truly good deal. So here's your inside guide for shopping the best gifts for any sales people you know in your life.


Travel Well

Think about gifts to help your favorite salesperson work and travel better, easier, and more comfortably. You can find travel solutions to help her arrive at meetings wrinkle-free or find some shut-eye on those red-eye flights.


Press Unwind

Ask the salesperson in your life how he or she unwinds after a long day of chatting with people. Is a night out with friends his best antidote? Or does unwinding mean anything but socializing for her? Then look for gifts that relate to how your salesperson likes to relax.


Psyched Up

How does your friend (in sales) prep for a big sales call? Find out if he has a ritual — to psych up before a big meeting — that might clue you into a great gift idea. Maybe he listens to a certain playlist, much like an Olympic athlete before a big race. Or maybe your salesperson could use a new stress reliever.


Group or Free Agent

Does the salesperson you know work in a group or solo? If your salesperson has struck out on their own, look into gifts that support building their brand — like personalized stationery to look more professional.


Bottom Line

Of course, salespeople are looking to grow their bottom line and expand their client roster. Think on creative gifts that help your friend on that front. Does she have a subscription to LinkedIn Premium? Need a solution for making presentations better?


Go Get 'Em

When in doubt, anyone in sales could use some daily inspiration. Think about how much time your salesperson spends in an office. If he’s constantly on the road, for example, a wall calendar may not be the best gift idea.


Closing Bell

Make your sweetie who’s a salesperson feel like you’re on his team, cheering him on. So think of gifts that mark his sales successes — like a bell to ring when he closes a deal.


Works for You

When you’re shopping for your sales crew (and the budgets are tight), keep in mind that pure old fun can be even more motivational than money. Close in on an experience gift for a good time they’ll remember.


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