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7 Ways to Serve Up the Best Gifts for Chefs

When you have a chef in your life (or even better, live with one), you're regularly gifted with great food - minus the reservation and bill to pay. Now it's time to indulge your chef with a gift that measures up. The challenge can feel intimidating: Choose gifts for chefs who have such good taste. Plus, don't chefs have everything already? Consider this guide your no-fail recipe to finding the best gift ideas for chefs. You'll channel your chef's passion in life and their favorite place to create (ahem, the kitchen), while showing your shopping chops.


Crack the Wishlist

Every chef has a running list of kitchen cookware, tools, or serveware that’s on their most-wanted list. Try to find out this list! Simply ask around, or browse through his social media for clues. Does he have a Pinterest board? Amazon wishlist? Bingo.


Brand Loyal

That quality Japanese knife you’ve been hearing about sounds like a perfect gift for your chef. But keep in mind chefs are often brand loyal with their tools — it’s all about how they feel in their hand. So first, snoop in the kitchen to see what brands of tools are in their drawer. Then it’s just about adding to their collection.


Perfect the Pantry

Perhaps you live far away from your chef and have no clue about what she needs or already owns. Move onto Christmas gifts for chefs that can be consumed — like gourmet salts, oils, rubs, and seasonings. Chefs are always looking for new flavors to add to the pantry. A local gourmet market can offer advice, too.


Night Off

Cooking may be your chef’s prime passion, but everyone likes an occasional break from cooking. Ask a best friend or significant other what would be your chef’s top pick for restaurants — or check Yelp or the local paper (online) for what new spot has great reviews.


Spread the Love

Chefs love to feed the ones they love. And if you’re friends with or related to a chef, you’re more than happy to take doggy bags from their cooking trials, too. Think on solutions for sending everyone off with food as gift ideas for chefs who have everything. Then he can pass on coveted leftovers of that Lamb with Rosemary Au Jus.


Keeping it Real

There’s a lot of grunt work when it comes to working in a kitchen. For funny gifts for chefs (you can add on to something meaningful), think about the not-so-fine moments in cooking. Like the dishes! You can do something like wrap a bow around a big bottle of dishwasher detergent, just for laughs.


Work Wear

Chefs often have a uniform, but they still like to show off their own style (special bandana?). Here’s where those complaints you’ve heard from your chef will help in your gift search. Think on work-wear accessories that line up — like an apron that’s actually long enough for his 6-foot-3-inch frame (finally!).


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