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Finding the Perfect 3rd Anniversary Gift

It's said that three's a charm - especially when it comes to celebrating three years of marriage. Choose a traditional 3rd anniversary gift - inspired by leather, which is strong and gets better with age - or one that's as unexpected as the love you found. Here's how to shop for a 3rd anniversary gift that marks three years of going strong.


Upgrade an everyday accessory

Refresh something that gets used everyday, like a tote bag or a wallet, but in oh-so-luxe leather. Then tuck extras inside - like a favorite magazine (with a subscription for him or her) or movie tickets to a flick you both want to see. 


Find a travel dopp kit

Give your favorite travel companion a fancy dopp kit (in leather, if you like) to inspire your next trip together. Be sure to include bath salts, a perfume or cologne, or other little surprises inside.


Deck out your abode in leather

You've been married three years, so your home may be due for some redecorating. Consider a piece of accent furniture as a 3rd anniversary gift that brings style and comfort together.


Keep on playing

During the dating stage, everything's a little more playful. Revive that lively vibe by gifting your better half (who's never a sore loser) a game set, like a classic leather backgammon set, for instance. Turn the average evening into a romantic game night.


Accessorize in leather

Surprise your sweetheart with a stylish little something in leather, like a simple cuff, key fob, or watch. You can add a card that expresses how you two make a team that's as resilient as leather.


Give good vibes

Go for a 3rd anniversary gift that rocks: Find a jammin' speaker that brings good vibes to your home. Extra points if you sync up your sweetie's iPod with a fresh new playlist.


Give the ultimate picnic

 What's sweeter than a picnic for the two of you? Just picture it: the ultimate picnic basket filled with your favorite foods - sharing nibbles and wine with your honey while laying on a cozy blanket with chirping birds overhead. Hello, romance! Field games, like a Frisbee, would be a fun add-on.  

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