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Give Him What He Wants: How to Shop for Great Gift Ideas for your Son

It's hard to say what moves faster: your son (since he learned to walk) or time, since you became his parent. These gift ideas for your son press pause for a moment so you can let him know how much you care. After all, that rascal keeps you on your toes, and you love him so. From graduation and birthday gifts to Christmas gifts and everything in between, we’re here to make it a little bit easier to find the perfect gifts for sons depending on their interests, age, and more. We even made sure to scout gift ideas for sons that follow the important rule, "make it fun whenever possible". These fun yet meaningful gifts for your son are sure to be cherished by him for decades to come.


Set him up for success

Look for practical gift ideas for the son who's always on the move. It's easy to forget to plug in the phone, so give him a charger for his car, office, or even one powered by solar. Sometimes the best gifts for your son are things you know he needs!


Delight his inner kid

He still loves to play games and take naps. Give a grownup game or a gift for your son that pokes fun at how some things never change. These unique gifts for your son are sure to put a smile on his face and bring out his inner kid. And if your adult son has kids himself, he’s sure to love sharing his favorite games with his family.


Play to his tough side

From a sturdy backpack to a survival kit, give a gift that's as durable as him. Celebrate your father-son relationship with rugged gifts that remind you of your favorite bonding activities growing up. Maybe you two loved camping, fishing, and spending time outdoors. You can find plenty of personalized gifts for your son that can play to his tough side while still being sentimental. These also make great Father’s Day gifts so your adult son can carry on the tradition with his kids!


Give him a dose of happy

Nothing has to be boring - even socks and ties can feel happy if you choose wisely. Find gift ideas for your son to make his everyday wardrobe feel a smidge more fun. Choose from high-quality yet exciting gifts that will make him smile every time he puts them on.


Cars are still cool

No matter the age, sons love cars, or really anything on wheels. Find a range of car gifts for sons of all occasions - birthdays or Christmas - and all ages - from a Hot Wheels car to the experience of riding shotgun in a stock car. Mark a special occasion with a thoughtful gift for your son that he’s sure to love. You can even go the extra mile and craft a special gift box all about his love for cars and going fast. Consider including car merch or more practical items, like a car phone holder or steering wheel cover, that will make his morning commute a little more comfortable.


Set him up for dance parties

What to give teen boys is tricky, but gift ideas for your son that focus on music are safe bets. He'd probably love a 21st century turntable to spin his fave tunes. Yes, records are back. Or, find his favorite band and stock up on some merchandise. A comfy hoodie with the band logo is sure to get a lot of use, and today you can find hats, water bottles, and more inspired by modern music. If he’s headed to college, another thoughtful gift for your son might be a speaker or new headphones so he can listen to tunes in his dorm room or around campus.


Keep it simple

With the younger set, the simplest gifts make them light up. Gift a sweet treat to the little guy who asks for cookies morning, noon, and night. Maybe your dude draws for hours, so give him a pouch full of colored pencils. Give something you know he loves. You know your son best no matter his age! The most simple gifts for your son are often the ones that get used the most.

Gift Guides

Looking for more gift ideas for your son? From the unique to the sentimental, our gift guides can help you find the perfect present depending on the occasion.

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30 Unique Gifts for Adult Son

When your kids are young, it’s easy to find a little trinket they’ll play with for hours. Once those children grow up, it becomes a little harder to pick out the perfect gift. Luckily, our experts have combed the internet to find unique gifts for your adult son that are every bit as fun, entertaining, and memorable as he is. From personalized finds to sporting accessories, these presents are everything you’ve been looking for and more. Whether you’re stocking up on Christmas gifts for adult son or a “just because” surprise, he’ll be happy, and you get to take all the credit.

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