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Gifts for Son:Name A Star
Gifts for Son:Water Bottle With Storage Compartment
Gifts for Son:Acre Of Land On The Moon
Gifts for Son:Bluetooth Shower Speaker
Gifts for Son:Adventure Gifts
Gifts for Son:Personalized Pocket Knife
Gifts for Son:Around The World Beer Bucket
Gifts for Son:Ride Shotgun In A Stock Car
Gifts for Son:Mens Personalized Spa Robe
Gifts for Son:Flexible Tablet Stand
Gifts for Son:Dollar Bill Toilet Paper
Gifts for Son:Personalized Grilling Tool Set
Gifts for Son:Helicopter Tours
Gifts for Son:1 Acre Of Land On Planet Mars
Gifts for Son:Jerky Of The Month Club
Gifts for Son:LED Color Changing Showerhead
Gifts for Son:Variety Of The Month Club
Gifts for Son:Deep Sea Sand Art
Gifts for Son:Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag
Gifts for Son:Race A Ferrari
Gifts for Son:Personalized Leather Dopp Kit
Gifts for Son:Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass
Gifts for Son:Portable Photo Printer
Gifts for Son:Personalized Chopsticks
Gifts for Son:Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels
Gifts for Son:Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera
Gifts for Son:Learn To Fly
Gifts for Son:Wireless Key Finder
Gifts for Son:Fishing And Camping Cooler Chair
Gifts for Son:Personalized Padded Bleacher Seat
Gifts for Son:Personalized Coffee Mugs
Gifts for Son:Photo Name Collage Frame
Gifts for Son:Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket
Gifts for Son:3 In 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit
Gifts for Son:Happy Birthday Gift Tower
Gifts for Son:Letters To My Future Self
Gifts for Son:Zip Lining Experiences
Gifts for Son:NYT Custom Birthday Book
Gifts for Son:Personalized Ticket Stub Scrapbook
Gifts for Son:Travel Heated Seat Cover
Gifts for Son:Smart Finder
Gifts for Son:Personalized Photo Guitar Picks
Gifts for Son:Personalized Birthday Beer Mugs
Gifts for Son:Personalized BBQ Grill Set
Gifts for Son:Maxboost IPhone Case With Battery
Gifts for Son:Coffee Of The Month Club
Gifts for Son:Wine Of The Month Club
Gifts for Son:The North Face E-Tip Gloves
Gifts for Son:Create Your Own Reel Viewer
Gifts for Son:Memory Lane Personalized Canvas
Gifts for Son:PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer
Gifts for Son:Toilet Mug
Gifts for Son:IPhone Camera Lens Kit
Gifts for Son:LED Pocket Video ProjectorLaptops (PP60)
Gifts for Son:Hidden Book Shelf
Gifts for Son:Timeless Love Engraved Diamond Mens Watch
Gifts for Son:Smart Mug With Temperature Control
Gifts for Son:Bear Paw Meat Handler
Gifts for Son:Personalized BBQ Branding Iron
Gifts for Son:Letters To My Future Self
Gifts for Son:Giant 1 Pound Snickers Bar
Gifts for Son:Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro
Gifts for Son:F Bomb Paperweight
Gifts for Son:Game Of Phones
Gifts for Son:Coffee Mug Warmer
Gifts for Son:Personalized Mens Tie
Gifts for Son:Smartpen (Record What You Write)
Gifts for Son:Personalized Duffel Bag
Gifts for Son:Personalized Star Map
Gifts for Son:Canon SELPHY Photo Printer
Gifts for Son:Indoor Basketball Hoop
Gifts for Son:CouchCoaster: Weighted Drink Holder
Gifts for Son:Amazon Echo
Gifts for Son:Personalized Leather Portfolio
Gifts for Son:Bacon Of The Month Club
Gifts for Son:Furry Hairy Slippers
Gifts for Son:X Rocker Gaming Chair
Gifts for Son:Minecraft Wall Torch
Gifts for Son:Toilet Putting Practice Green
Gifts for Son:Personalized Athletic Sweatshirts
Gifts for Son:Personalized Wood Luggage Tags
Gifts for Son:Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock
Gifts for Son:Selfies Photo Album
Gifts for Son:Personalized Collapsible Cooler
Gifts for Son:Whiskey Wedge And Glass
Gifts for Son:Astronaut Ice Cream Space Food
Gifts for Son:Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit
Gifts for Son:GoPro HERO4
Gifts for Son:MiniDrone With Camera
Gifts for Son:Personalized Beer Mugs
Gifts for Son:Ice Cream Of The Month
Gifts for Son:3Doodler 3D Pen
Gifts for Son:Personalized Baseball Travel Mug
Gifts for Son:Smart Switch (Control With Your Smartphone)
Gifts for Son:Personalized Leather Grilling Gloves
Gifts for Son:The Butt Station
Gifts for Son:Personalized Golf Ball Markers
Gifts for Son:Personalized Football Travel Mug
Gifts for Son:8GB USB Drive For Keychain
Gifts for Son:Fruit Infusion Drink Server

Expert Tips

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Give Him What He Wants: How to Shop for Great Gift Ideas for your Son

It's hard to say what moves faster: your son (since he learned to walk) or time, since you became his parent. These gift ideas for your son press pause for a moment so you can let him know how much you care. After all, that rascal keeps you on your toes, and you love him so. We even made sure to scout gift ideas for sons that follow the important rule, "make it fun whenever possible".


Set him up for success

Look for practical gift ideas for the son who's always on the move. It's easy to forget plugging in the phone, so give him a charger for his car, office, or even one powered by solar.


Delight his inner kid

He still loves to play games and take naps. Give a grownup game or a gift for your son that pokes fun at how some things never change.


Play to his tough side

From a sturdy backpack to a survival kit, give a gift that's as durable as him.


Give him a dose of happy

Nothing has to be boring - even socks and ties can feel happy if you choose wisely. Find gift ideas for your son to make his everyday wardrobe feel a smidge more fun.


Cars are still cool

No matter the age, sons love cars, or really anything on wheels. Find a range of car gifts for sons of all occasions - birthdays or Christmas - and all ages - from a Hot Wheels car to the experience of riding shotgun in a stock car.


Set him up for dance parties

What to give teen boys is tricky, but gift ideas for your son that focus on music are safe bets. He'd probably love a 21st century turntable to spin his fave tunes. Yes, records are back.


Keep it simple

With the younger set, the simplest gifts make them light up. Gift a sweet treat to the little guy who asks for cookies morning, noon, and night. Maybe your dude draws for hours, so give him a pouch full of colored pencils. Give something you know he loves.

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