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One letter received per month for 6 months. How did Albert Einstein communicate with President Roosevelt about the atomic bomb? How did the Queen of Hawaii protest America's annexation of the Islands? Instead of learning about history from a book, we invite you to learn directly from history through replicas of the historic letters themselves. Read for yourself, in the original words and handwriting, what the people who shaped our history had to say about the events and topics of their times. History By Mail is a subscription service to replicas of fascinating historical documents from American history. Our team of history enthusiasts works with archivists to select fascinating documents from the world's best archives and obtain the rights to use each document. A team of graphic designers then creates replicas which are delivered to subscribers on high quality paper along with a context document. Each document is accompanied by context pages telling relevant details surrounding the historic event. Every four letters are groups into themes including: Historic inventions, American Wars, and Foreign Diplomacy. Perfect as a keepsake, learning materials, or collectible items.

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