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How to Pick Inspired Galentine’s Day Gifts for Best Friends

It’s different than a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. There’s nothing quite like a true best friend. Whether you’ve just met or have been lucky enough to know each other for years or even decades; you know you have a bestie when you find someone who you can totally be yourself around, who knows when to pry and when to give you your space, and who makes you laugh about things no one else would even think is funny. One thing is for certain and that is that when Valentine’s Day comes around, you’d better be celebrating your bestie with a little something to show him or her that they are your #1. Read on for some tips on how to honor your BFF on V-Day.


Get into Galentine’s Day gifts!

If you and your bestie are ladies, then you are living in the right moment! With the women’s movement revived and in full-swing, there are copious amounts of girl power gifts, gifts celebrating influential women, gifts inspiring women to share their talents unabashedly with the world. You’ll definitely find a game, mug, puzzle, book, tea towel, candle, wine glass, (or anything else you can think of for that matter) that celebrates other women as magical and amazing as your BFF. Show her that you think she belongs right alongside those ladies.


Cheers to friendship!

Let’s face it, best friends are never short on things to talk about. Whether champagne, red wine, IPAs, scotch or tequila are your thing...a heart to heart over a drink or two is par for the course for best friends. I mean, it’s saved your relationships, your career, your broken heart, your Sunday afternoons, and your layovers at the airport! Luckily, there are millions of new and traditional ways to celebrate, share, and create fabulous drinks together in gift form! Just make sure that you set a time and date to use this gift together to get maximum value, ASAP.


Help her chillax

Yes, she or he’s got your back and almost always knows the right thing to say to make your day. But, she needs some TLC, too! We know, you give it right back, you awesome bestie, you! Still, help her chillax. Stress creeps up on all of us and as her best friend, it’s practically your job to make sure that she’s holding it down on her side of town. That means kimonos, spa gear, tea therapy, meditation accoutrements, and anything that will take her from 10 on the stress scale down to a 2.


Traditional with a twist

You two are as unique as your friendship and although the traditional two-piece heart necklaces are a fab way to always remember who your bestie is...there are so many new tokens of friendship that you’ll find something just right instead of generic this year! Heart jewelry, heart boxes, friendship quotes scrawled across any number of objects. Or, get matching matching yoga pants or matching succulent gardens. You get the point. Either way, show your love for your best friend in a traditional way with a twist uniquely yours.


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