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How to Find Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Family

You know what they say: Families that play together stay together. What better time to show your love for your favorite families than with a fun-filled valentine’s day gift? Family & friends are some of the people we love most in the world, yet they’re often passed over on Valentine’s Day. Ignoring these awesome people on Valentine’s Day seems to be all wrong to us. So, we’ll help you sort through the best types of gifts and get your gears turning to come up with some pretty spectacular ideas for the whole family all on your own. Since you’re reading’re already on the right track! Sweet!


Give them something to make together

We live in the age of DIY EVERYTHING so you will not run short on options for kits to send to your favorite family & friends. From making their own candles to growing their own pizza (that is NOT a type-o!) to oh so many fun and amazing things in between, there is a kit that’s perfect for them. Be sure to consider the ages of the children, the skill level (and patience) of the parents to do the task, and their lifestyle when choosing the best kit for them. Also, make sure that there will be enough for everyone to enjoy the result or make their own. We don’t want anyone feeling left out!


Give them something fun to do together outside

Get that favorite family of yours outside and active together! They might already love doing things outside. Or, they might be couch potatoes. Choose your outdoor gift based on whichever category they fall into. If they’re outdoor adventurers, maybe you can find them something fun for their next camping or hiking or beach adventure together. If they prefer hanging in the yard, there are tons of things that can bring them together from games to grilling to gardening and beyond. Think about what they like to do together already (anywhere) and then think about what they could do in their backyard...that should guide you to discover the right gift.


Give them something to play together

Like we said before, playing together = staying together! And lucky for you, we live in a time where it feels like a new game comes out every two seconds so chances are that you will find a new game that they have not played yet no matter what you choose. Steer clear of any classics if you know they already have a solid game night going as they’ve probably got at least one version of each. Instead sift through the new games out there and find something that the whole family can play. Take children’s ages into consideration when choosing the game. No controversial topics or difficult strategies for the youngest set. In fact, some games come with directions for differentiating play for various age groups to make it harder/easier and level the playing field. Games have gotten pretty smart! But best of all, they get everyone off of their individual screens and spending quality time together instead. Win-win-win!


Give them something to commemorate their togetherness

They love each other, of course, they are family after all. Help them display that fact to the world by getting them something to commemorate it! There are oodles of personalized gifts that fit the bill from photo quilts to name art to matching beach towels with their names on them (mom, dad, etc.). The options are endless. Beware of quality with these gifts, though. And also take into consideration the family’s sense of style (modern/rustic/ornate), lifestyle (casual, lux, sporty, arty), and the other personalized type of things that you know they have, love, and use. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be finding Valentine’s Day gifts for family that will last a lifetime!  


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