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The Art of Discovering Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

They go together like peanut butter and jelly, or, oysters and champagne...depending on who they are. You want to help celebrate their inspiring relationship with a little love token of your own. Couples can be inspiring for any number of reasons: newly engaged and full of puppy love; together through thick and thin over many years, or, simply...they’re your parents and you feel like you should. So, how exactly do you find Valentine’s Day couples that will kindle that fire but won’t creep them out? We’re breaking it down for you right here. You’re welcome!


How to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts for newly engaged couples

Feel the love. These two are all aglow and bursting with excitement about officially starting a life together. Get in on the fun by getting them a gift that’s as sweet and innocent as their love is. (ah, to be young and in love!) We’re talking about personalized artworks, or romantic quotes scrolled across beautiful objects (don’t go too cheap or they’ll chuck it!). Give them anything built for two to use or matching anything that they can use together and chuckle. Go for the long haul. They’re planning their life-long commitment to each other. Get them something that they will use for years to come as a part of their most special occasions or daily moments that bring them together. This is a time to spend a little bit more because you really want it to last and be something that will be cherished, not loathed because it doesn’t work right or looks junky on the holiday table. Go lightly on the personalization with these objects, though. Save that for the matching mugs, pajamas or names-in-the-sand artwork.


How to shop for Valentine's Day gifts for married couples

Relight the fire. They’re in the thick of it with maxed out careers and probably a kid or two, or more to juggle (ahem, raise right!). A romantic evening to them is strategizing the next 6 months’ budget or planning the next 25 years until retirement. This is your chance to help them remember why they fell in love with each other. It certainly wasn’t because they love poring over spreadsheets into the wee hours of the night. (of was it?) Even so, give them a break! Give a gift that will get them out doing something new or talking about anything other than logistics of their own life or laughing because they’re simply being silly for the first time in...who’s counting? Maybe you give them a game or experience gift certificate that will get their minds off of life. Seriously, they will love you almost as much as they love each other!   Turn back time. Let’s be honest. Marriage makes time fly! And, chances are this lucky couple sits down sometimes and thinks, “where has the time gone?” or “remember when…?”. These people have been present in every minute and living in the moment. And, meditation teachers will tell you that is exactly how to feel the most fulfilled. Cool! Still, these couples will appreciate some gentle reminders of the unique journey they’ve been on together. Maybe you remind them of how they met and fell in love with a gift that reflects that story. Maybe you remind them of their wedding day. Maybe you get a gift that aligns with other important milestones in their life that might feel long gone, but you know are significant and should be honored. They’ll appreciate putting the breaks on and realizing what a ride it’s been. How lucky they are to have each other as co-pilots!


How to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts for older couples

Keep things interesting. They’ve been together a long time. That means that they are probably a little bit set in their ways and a little bit bored because of it! Not to mention that they tell the same stories again and again. Well, get them out and doing something different! Book them a tasting event, a cooking class, a tour of a nearby walking district or distillery, anything that will have them both learning and experiencing something new so that they will have more to talk about with you and other relatives. Treat them to something special. Maybe they really need a new set of pots. To any other couple, this would be a horrible idea for Valentine’s Day, but older couples are over the useless “stuff” and probably aren’t looking to steam up their boudoirs. So, give them something they truly need and make it nice. They’ve lived long enough to know the difference. Replace something that needs replacing or supply something new that they need but don’t even know about yet. Things that make their life easier together, more comfortable, more connected to their families near and far...those are the things that they’ll be grateful for on Valentine’s Day. Of course, writing them a letter about your favorite memories and including photos is an easy way to win them over without spending much at all, as well.


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