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The Play-by-Play Guide to Finding Sports Gifts for Him

Your sports buff does not discriminate. He's got his sport for every season. He loves watching sports from the comforts of his sofa. He's in the bleachers with his fan gear on for big games. He listens to sports radio for long car rides (ahem, much to someone's dismay), and he's part of three fantasy pools so he's along for the entire season. You're playing smart with a go-time strategy to find sports gifts for him. Here's how to line up the best sports gift ideas and score some big points. Go team!


Fan or Player

Before kicking off any hunt for sports gifts ideas, the question must be asked. Are you shopping for a sports fan or an athlete still playing sports? Of course, the latter will be younger and still in need of practical equipment and gear. For the sports fan, you may need to look harder before tossing out a gift idea. (Don’t worry, we have a few!)


Team Spirit

For sports fans young and old, think on sports gifts that show their true team spirit — especially for those relatives you’ve seen on Facebook with the complete team look on. Jerseys, knit hats, and branded shirts support the team. But be sure to throw in something more original, like face paint for your sports fan-atic.


Beyond the Game

There are those sports moments that almost transcend catches and misses, scores and players. Ask him about a moment in sports history that left an impression on him. He’s sure to have one. And then you can poke around for memorabilia or sports gifts that celebrate that moment.


Bleacher Comforts

It’s not easy sitting on metal bleachers for hours on end, sometimes on chilly, blustery afternoons. Think on sports gifts for dad that are all about making your number one fan more comfortable watching the game. Does he have a pad or stadium seat? Could he use a bigger cooler for tailgating?


Favorite Legend

Ask him about his favorite sports legend — or find out who is his top athlete, with the help of family. Then dive into sports memorabilia about that sports legend as easy sports themed Christmas gifts.


Listen Up

If your guy opts for sports talk radio over music, always, maybe it’s time to consider sports gifts for him that let him have his first choice (while preserving your sanity). You could look into gift ideas like headphones, satellite radio, and other gadgets for him to tune in.


What's In Season

Think about which sport is in season when your start searching sports gifts for guys. You’ll find better selections by looking at the in-season sport (baseball during the summer). Plus, your gift will tie in with where he’s putting all his sports fan energy at the moment.


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