Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Our gift experts have curated 227 unique and thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for coworkers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:GPS Smartwatch
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:Golf Rangefinder
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:3Doodler 3D Pen
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:Par Three Putting Green
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:Smart Switch
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:Hand Crank Charger
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:Password Safe
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:Fitbit
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:Drives Of A Lifetime
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:Pebble Smartwatch
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers:Portable DVD Player
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Expert Tips

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Ultimate Guide to Finding Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

You see each other more than you see your own family and friends. You solve problems together, you celebrate life's events together and you get totally, completely stressed out together. Yup, you're coworkers alright and that means that when the holidays roll around you need to show some love. Here are some tips for how to lock in on the perfect Christmas gifts for coworkers.



Yes, I said it, snoop! Look around their desk for clues as to what they might need. What looks like it could use replacing? What types of things do they keep around their desk? Get them something to brighten up their workspace.



Some might say that it's not ok to give alcohol as a gift to your coworker. I say, "Bah humbug!" If your coworker is one of your happy hour wing-men or ladies then getting them something that you know they'd enjoy during off-hours is totally fine.



A sense of humor makes even the most stressful day seem doable and coworkers that make you laugh are worth their weight in gold. Get the funny one on your team something that will keep the good vibes going well into the new year.



Maybe it was the 90s tech bubble that started it, but whatever it was it is still going strong and office spaces everywhere are incorporating more dorm room activities than ever. They come in all shapes and sizes so you're sure to find something that fits in their office space.



Just because you work together doesn't mean that your gift has to be something that stays in the office. In fact, helping that coworker who never leaves do something different could be the gift he or she needs.



When all else fails and you don't really know your coworker at all, which does happen, then go with a seasonal accessory that will get put to good use keeping them or their coffee or their lunch warm.

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