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How to Find the Most Memorable 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 21 is a big deal, even monumental, and you hope to be gifted something better than a hangover. Mark this milestone birthday of a friend, family member, or your sweetie with 21st birthday gift ideas that are straight-up awesome, some even with a twist. Cue the confetti and give that special someone a 21st birthday that is impossible to forget.


Think timeless

Some gifts never go out of style. Choose a classic watch, a name necklace, or a piece of jewelry with the birthstone. Remind the star of the party to reach for the stars with a gift centered on constellations - you could even personally name a star in the sky!


Go for the obvious

Many 21st birthday gift ideas focus on how you can legally take a sip at this landmark age. Keep it fun (and safe) with decorative drinkware, gear emblazoned with a number 21, or let them try out premium craft brews with a beer of the month club.


Play off the number 21

Be creative with the number 21 and give festive balloons, 21 small gifts, or make a scrapbook that shows snips of the first 21 years.


Give an unforgettable experience

For the 21-year-old who loves adventure, check off something from their bucket list. You can easily plan an amazing experience - from a helicopter ride to riding the rapids.


Make this one count

The next big birthday is 25, so look for meaningful 21st birthday gift ideas - like a special journal or wishing ball to think on dreams for this year and beyond.


Look for the quirky

Some 21st birthday gift ideas are super lighthearted, like a certain birthday honoree. Find a silly trinket as an add-on-gift just for laughs or give something unexpected, like a gourmet collection of foodie treats.


Celebrate the start of adulthood

Your 21-year-old is officially an adult with responsibilities. Give a practical gift that will get used everyday - like a quality coffeemaker for that morning cup of joe (so your 21-year-old skips the coffeehouse and saves some cash.)

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