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Expert Tips

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How to go Beyond-the-Ordinary Birthday Ideas for your Husband
You can always count on your husband to make you laugh, so now you're in search of gifts to make him smile. These birthday ideas for your husband go beyond the clichés, since he's the complete package. He's manly, silly, a bit of a daredevil, and he makes the best tacos. Find a present to show that beloved husband of yours that he's a rare gift. 

Show him you know what thrills him
Set him up with a gift that rifts on one of his favorite things to do (travel, biking, grilling, running). Your gift will get a lot of use, and he'll appreciate how you know him so well.

Toast to his other love
Your guy is a beer lover through and through (even though bespoke cocktails are all the rage.) Find birthday ideas for your husband to cater to his other love: cold craft brews. 

Present the latest gadget
He loves to geek out on cool gadgets, so look for birthday ideas for your husband on the techie side. From a kitchen gadget for the grill master to a retro clock he'll love on his desk, get him wired on something new to fixate on.

Add to his rugged, anything-but-schlubby style
Skip the tie cliché for your sweetheart. Look for cool tees for your dapper dude or gift a manly grooming kit that he'll appreciate.

Play to his competitive side
He's all in with any kind of competition, so thrill him with a fun game or even a once-in-a-lifetime ride in a race car. Basically, look for birthday ideas for your husband that let him enjoy sports, even more.

Celebrate the husband who's a Saturday morning chef
No one makes better pancakes and eggs than your man. And he's not afraid to wear an apron. Look for birthday ideas for your husband that will help him be a top chef.

Let him jam
He's the guy who introduced you to some of your favorite bands, so you can be sure he'll love any gifts related to music. Pair a new device (headphones, speaker, charger) with a personalized playlist just for him.

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