30 Unique Gifts for Adult Son

When your kids are young, it’s easy to find a little trinket they’ll play with for hours. Once those children grow up, it becomes a little harder to pick out the perfect gift. Luckily, our experts have combed the internet to find unique gifts for your adult son that are every bit as fun, entertaining, and memorable as he is. From personalized finds to sporting accessories, these presents are everything you’ve been looking for and more. Whether you’re stocking up on Christmas gifts for adult son or a “just because” surprise, he’ll be happy, and you get to take all the credit.

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Personalized Dartboard & Cabinet

It’s fun, it’s personalized, and it’ll help turn that random spare room into a certified Man Cave. Wrap it up nicely enough and you may even score an invite to the next dart tournament.


Custom Golf Ball Marker

You spent years teaching him how to putt and drive. Now he can keep track of his ball as he shows up his friends and closes that big deal (talk about a pro!).


Portable Water Purifier Bottle

Hydration is important — or so you’ve been reminding him for the last 30 years. This bottle makes bad water good again for safe sipping on the go.


Personalized Padded Bleacher Seat

When the game is still tied in the 10th, this cushy seat will keep his bottom comfy while keep snacks, hand warmers, and other goodies well within reach.


Jerky of the Month Club

Delicious cured meats, monthly deliveries, and triple the tasty treats to try. These gourmet snacks come bundled up so he always something to nosh on. What’s not to love?


Golf History Newspaper Book

You have to know the past to prepare for the future, and this book on golf history could be just what he needs to get his short game in order.


Premium Duffel Bag for Men

Give him a place to pack up all his stuff for work, the gym, or a weekend away. He’ll love the durable waxed canvas and buffalo leather almost as much as he appreciates the fact he doesn’t have to go home to change before happy hour.


Custom Vinyl Record

For the guy who rocks, there’s a shiny record waiting to be customized. He’ll feel like a superstar — because he is one!


The Legend Pillow

Because he’s a legend before his time, and he deserves a pillow proclaiming his majestic status for all to see.


NYT Custom Birthday Book

Birthdays are a chance to reminisce about the good times. This book packs those special events in so the guest of honor can browse through historic feats, breaking news, and more in celebration of their major milestone. As birthday gifts for an adult son goes, this is a real winner.


Race a Ferrari

Once upon a time he sent matchbox cars zooming across the kitchen floor. Now he’s ready for the big leagues and some big-name cars to help make his dream of snagging the checkered flag come true.


Variety of the Month Club

Foodies, budding chefs, and absolutely anyone who loves to eat will get a kick out of unwrapping these mix-and-match selection of gourmet goodies every month. These deliveries will help keep his pantry stocked and his belly happy — double win!


Custom Date Newspaper Book

Pick a date, any date! Whatever spot on the calendar means the most to him, you can turn it into a personalized book full of must-read headlines. It’s just what he needs to remind himself that he’s a special dude.


Cheese of the Month Club

Need gifts for your grown up son that will satisfy his picky taste buds? Every gouda boy (get it?) deserves a savory snack or three, and these monthly cheese boxes are perfect for smashing onto a cracker and expanding culinary horizons.


Baseball Stadium Blueprints

His busy schedule means he can only go to so many ballgames, but give him a piece of his favorite stadium and he can relive walk-off home runs, stale peanuts, and the roar of the crowd anytime he wants. Works just as well on his office wall as it does hung up at home.


Par-Tee Golf Gift Box

Because there’s not enough time on the back nine to appreciate all the golf course has to offer. When in doubt, help him binge on a golf-y goodness so he can pretend he’s hitting for birdie even when he’s at home in his PJs.


Peronalized Golf Club Cover

No one wants to get their clubs mixed up with someone else’s. These covers help keep track of important gear and they look darned smart while doing it.


Smart Key Organizer & Tracker

He’s always late for dinner and would lose his head if it wasn’t so firmly attached to his body. Give the guy who has everything a way to keep track of his keys and he’ll have one less excuse for not arriving on time for the next family dinner.


Ballpark Park Glasses

One, two, three shots and you’re out! Actually, these baseball-inspired glasses are probably better for sipping, so he can enjoy everything from lemonade to bourbon while showcasing his allegiance to his favorite team.


Silver Engraved Cuff Links

A great suit needs the perfect finishing touch. These cufflinks deliver, so he’ll never have to walk into a big meeting, big date, or big event looking like a scrub.


Premium BBQ Apron

He’s the King of the Grill and should be outfitted accordingly. Reward his burger-flipping skills with an apron that ensures he’ll look smart and always have a place to stow his tongs.


Urban Map Glass

Choose his favorite city and surprise him with a serving of nostalgia. He can stroll down memory lane while he sips and expand his collection of glassware to include something truly special.


Beer of the Month Club

Save him a trip to the store and prevent empty fridge syndrome. He’ll always have beer on hand and his options will include artisanal brews that are lip-smackingly delicious.


Sand Art

Looking at slowly drifting grains of sand can be super soothing. If he’s the kind of guy who gets stressed or could just use a few moments of peace, this gift will deliver. It’s also stunning to look at, making it a work of art that’s also functional.


Grill Tools With Light Gift Set

He’s one heck of a cook, especially when hot coals and big, thick steaks are involved. Let him see what he’s grilling, and you’ll get your burger done as requested every single time.


Personalized 5 Slot Watch Box

Men deserve great accessories too. This watch box will keep his prized timepieces safe and secure in between wears while displaying each one for him to admire in the meantime.


Best-In-Class Portable Grill

Because the only thing better than grilling at home is grilling on the go. Give him this beauty and he can take is culinary genius with him to the park, a friend’s BBQ, or your house for an impromptu cookout.


Multi-purpose Chef Knife

Cut anything, anywhere, anytime. Sure, it’s utilitarian, but he’ll have fun mastering his knife skills without worrying about a dull knife or constant maintenance. More time to whip up your favorite grub!


19th Hole Barrel Sign

When the full 18 holes are done and it’s time to crack a cold one, he can take his golf buddies home and show off his man cave complete with his very own customized sign.


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Oct 22, 2020


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