Survival Slide Belts 2.0

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Being adventurous is all well and good as long as you have three things: a strong stomach, good health insurance, and a gadget that has everything you need to get out of even the stickiest situations. Whether you're looking for gifts for outdoorsy people or need something special for a friend who's preparing for the end of the world, you need one of these Survival Slide Belts. It wears like an everyday belt, but this smart (and smart-looking) accessory has lots of hidden talents. The belt itself is heat resistant with internal webbing for strength and continuous notches so you can use it for anything from bracing an injured arm to carrying firewood. As for the buckle, underneath that metal alloy face is a veritable cornucopia of tools. There's a fire starter, an LED flashlight, a bottle opener, and a knife, ensuring the wearer is pretty much MacGyver and James Bond all rolled into one. These multitasking masterpieces are the ideal gifts for guys who want to be prepared for every scenario. From Boy Scout leaders to dudes who aren't happy unless they're trekking alone across the wilderness, there are thousands of people who will treasure this present - and who knows, it might even save their lives. BUCKLE: Fire Starter LED Flashlight Bottle Opener Dual Lever Attach Strap Here Knife Safety Metal Alloy Face STRAP Internal Webbing Heat Resistant Continuous Notches Custom Fit

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