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How to Thank that Amazing AirBnB Host
You just had a sweet stay at a short-rental through AirBnB, and delighted in everything from the stocked supply of fancy shampoos to the fresh-cut blooms greeting you at the entry. Mom taught you to always be polite and say thank you when you're a guest in someone's home, and that includes your lovely AirBnB host. (Plus, you're already planning to book again next year!) Here's how to navigate showing your thanks to your ever-so-fabulous AirBnB host.

Review Them

The best way to thank your host right after you stay is to leave a review that’s thorough (more than a quick line) and includes your thoughts on the home and the host, too. Many AirBnB hosts rely on the extra income by sharing their home. Leaving a review is simple and doesn’t cost you anything, but it’s truly the best way to say thanks to the host who’s opened up their home to you.

Shop Local

A big part of the lure of AirBnB is getting to explore a new city or town from a homebase, just like you’re a local. So if you choose to show extra appreciation by giving a gift, think about shopping local and giving your host a tasty olive oil from the local gourmet shop or some local-made cutting board you spy at a boutique. Just be sure to steer clear of anything perishable or too personal.

Maintenance Free

Leaving a gift for your AirBnB host is certainly a super sweet way to say thanks. However, keep in mind you don’t want to add work for your host. So steer clear of any gifts that would need maintenance, especially since you may not know when they’re returning back home. Those cut flowers or potted plants will look wilted and sad — rather than welcoming — if there’s no one home to care for them.

Gift Over Tip

Keep in mind AirBnB hosts are not providing a service the way a hotel does. Rather, they’re sharing their home with you. So leaving a tip is not appropriate — that implies thanks for serving you. A better way to show appreciation for a nice stay is with a small gift.

Coffee Table Reading

AirBnB hosts work hard to make their space feel inviting for guests and give visitors a flavor for the area. If you had an incredible stay at your AirBnB and want to go above and beyond by leaving a gift for the host, consider adding to their collection of coffee table reads, with a beautiful book related to the location. Just be sure to check their spines to be sure you’re not giving a book they already own.

Tidy Guest

Remember that your AirBnB home is not a hotel. While your host certainly doesn’t expect you to clean, decent tidiness is a gracious way of leaving the space. Unlike a hotel room, where it’s okay to be messy, this is someone’s home. Keeping that etiquette in mind, and leaving the home  decently tidy, will be greatly appreciated by your AirBnB host.

Courtesy Gift

The gift of being courteous is not one to overlook. A simple, great way to be considerate of your AirBnB host requires no gift at all. If you happen to be running late for your arrival, be sure to let your host know — since they may have plans around your arrival time.