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If you play your cards right, every hour can be happy hour. Who wants to schlep out to a bar, fight through the crowds, and pony up double digits for a cocktail that's, well, more style than substance? Those expensive mixologist specials may look pretty, but you can create the same impressive collection of drinks at home - you just have to be prepared. Give someone you care about the power to create their own tasty adult beverages with this Cocktail Kit featuring the essential mixers for classic drinks like a Manhattan, Moscow Mule, and Old Fashioned. Or, if you think something a bit lighter might do the trick, opt for the Spring Cocktail Kit; the trio of Mint Julep, Mojito, and Cosmo mixers is sure to please anyone who prefers a lighter, fruiter beverage. These handy cubes eliminate the need to have a ton of ingredients on hand. All your buddy has to do is add booze, ice, and maybe a splash of soda or garnish. No measuring, no fuss, no muss! Perfect for someone who's just getting their home bar up and running, a cocktail enthusiast who likes to camp, or anyone who'd rather get straight to the fun part rather than toiling over a recipe. PRODUCT INFO Classic Cocktail Kit includes a complete set of all of our mini LUXE SPIRITS Sugar Cubes - Manhattan, Moscow Mule, and Old Fashioned. Spring Cocktail Kit includes a complete set of all of our mini LUXE COCKTAIL Sugar Cubes - Cosmo, Mint Julep, and Mojito. Dimensions: 4" l x 1.1" w x 6" h Weight: 0.25 lb PAIRED LIQUOR Manhattan cube + 2oz bourbon + stir on ice Old Fashioned cube + 3oz rye whiskey + stir on ice Moscow Mule cube + 2oz vodka + 3oz club soda + 1oz lime juice/wedge Add the cosmo cube into a shot of vodka to make an instant cosmopolitan!

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