Surprise Him With These Unexpected and Unusual Gifts for Men

Unusual gifts have a certain air of mystery because there's that element of the unknown. When you think about it, that’s the perfect direction when it comes to scouting gifts for your guy (who at times feels like a mystery to you!). You could give him an experience that's completely new, or an out-of-box gift based on something he loves. Either way, he's sure to be unusually surprised, in a good way.

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Unusual Wears

Men's Watch

You're not looking to give him a timekeeper. You want to give him something cool to wear daily that's sure to spark attention.

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Bazooka Bubble Gum T-shirt

Just like that tiny comic strip that came with the gum, this T-shirt unrolls some sweet nostalgia.

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Beard Balm & Beard Wash Set

He'll be completely surprised to discover your gift is a snappy set of potions for keeping his beard in line. (If he won't shave it, make it look great.)

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Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

When you're camping out in warmer weather you don't need much. Give him a rad sleeping bag to inspire an unexpected weekend adventure, under the stars.

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Shark Skin Bifold Wallet

Sneak in a wallet made of shark skin as a gift. He'll like feeling sharp, yet under the radar.


Scented Beard Oil

Don't be fooled by the name, beard oil. What's not commonly known: these natural oil blends can be used for the smooth-chinned guys to nourish the skin.

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Camping Funny T-Shirt

Because he's used to getting T-shirts related to sports. This tee hooks up something else he loves — camping.

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Retro Backpack

Surprisingly, this smart roll-top backpack includes a padded section for his must-have laptop.

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Hawaiian Punch T-Shirt

Give him a taste of his childhood with a Hawaiian Punch T-shirt — because tees are supposed to be a little punchy.

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Unusual Upgrades

Mason Jar Travel Mug

With this gift, he can drink his morning coffee in a mason jar with a cover of rustic cowhide leather. Because he's a cowboy at heart.

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Wine Bottle Canister Set

He's a bit of a wine snob, so imagine his smile when he sees that even his flour and sugar can be stored in repurposed wine bottles.

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Concrete Fruit Bowl

A fruit bowl may not sound like a manly gift until you see that it's made of concrete — just perfect for his pad.

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Bloody Mary Pint Glasses

His drink of choice is a Bloody Mary, with extra olives. So let him stir together a boozy brunch at home — the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

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Miner's Mud Soap Bar

Any old soap you could find at your pharmacy does not make a gift. But a mud soap bar made with charcoal and oils found in West Africa — that's an unusually awesome soap to give.

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Whiskey Wedge

The most surprising thing about this whiskey wedge is how he managed before without it.


Funny Bookmark

Some things never change, like he reads hardcovers or paperbacks (no electronic tablet). So give him a cute and unexpected way to mark his page.

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Soylent Ready to Drink Breakfast

Sometime in the 21st century, humans managed to create a formula that mixes breakfast and coffee in one bottle. No more skipping breakfast in his future!

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Aerial Beach Photography Print

This set of gorgeous beach prints will instantly cast his thoughts away to tropical vacations with you. (Ps. These are unframed — you can pick up matching frames here .)

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Luchador Bottle Opener

Prepare to eat your words if you think he has everything — mini wrestler bottle openers to give him a good chuckle. Check!

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Saltwater Soap Set

Short of a relaxing day on the beach, this Pacific Ocean saltwater clay soap is the next best thing. It gives him the ultimate, invigorating shower.

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Programmer Coffee Mug

Programmers have a unique ability to fix accounts payable systems, databases and websites(among other talents). So make sure he's caffeinated to work his magic with important computer codes.

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Adjustable Ratchet Belts

Belts are always a good idea. Consider how uncommon it for his pants to fit the same way all the time (just think of pre-game and post-nachos.)


Folding Pocket Knife

He'll always be a Boy Scout at heart, so give him a pocket knife for any out-and-about encounters that require a Philips head or other tool.

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New York Times Custom Baseball Book

He's old enough to have received all of the balls and gear he could ever need. So go with something less expected — a custom book about his favorite sport.


Baseball Bat Bottle Opener

Bottle openers can feel like a dime a dozen — except when they're made out of authentic baseball bats. That opens up a whole new level of cool.


The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Mug

For the surfs-up dude who looks for big waves, here's a simple way to surprise him.

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104 Things to Photograph

Spark his inner shutterbug with a guidebook to taking creative shots of your everyday adventures.

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Golfers BBQ Set

At first glance you may think a barbecue set is anything but unusual. But notice how this set is inspired by his love of golf — hole in one!


Razor Blade Sharpener

He'll appreciate how you thought of something unusual that's oh-so-practical. This gift helps with his morning shave.


Not-Your-Ordinary Experiences

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide

Give him a guide to all the manly skills (or simple joys) he'd like to do — and he'll be shucking oysters like a master chef.

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Race a Ferrari

Give him the ride of his life, since he has the need for speed (and you'll never afford a Ferrari of your own!).


Sirloin of the Month Club

You know what the chefs say — the way to make a great steak is to start with a great cut of meat. Here's the start to five-star dinners at home.


Beer Kit

Because all the cool dudes are making their own beer (and he'll geek out over this gift.)


National Parks of America Book

For the guy who dreams of owning an RV camper, give him a book that tours him around all 59 national parks. Then plan your next adventure!

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Flying Lessons

If he's always dreamed about being a pilot, give him a chance to get his wings.


Cruiser Bike

Here's the gift for the guy you want to be cruising around town with — you know he'll look great rolling on this classic bike.

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Travel Pillow & Mask

Here's the perfect gift for the guy who's complained about crying babies on flights.


Quadcopter Drone

The next time you go on a hike or visit some scenic destination, he'll be able to take some crazy cool aerial photographs.

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Toolshed Coloring Book

Who says adult coloring books are just for women? This book of 50 illustrations lets him daydream and color about his favorite thing: tools.

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Tunable Bongos

Because you know that, underneath it all, he just wants to bang on his drums all day.

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Star Wars® Deluxe Box Set

He may be too old for a Jedi toy, but this box set of Star Wars books will set his coffeetable into a cool galaxy.

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Whiskey and Rum Making Kit

His bar cart just got way more rad. He'll have his own homemade whiskey and rum to serve, too.


Laugh About the Unusual

Bike Chain Frame

If he loves to go biking, skip the traditional framed photo gift for something more his speed. Be sure to fill it with a funny snap.


Rainbow Trout Oven Mitt

Give him a mitt that channels his favorite summertime ritual — fishing on the lake.

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Planet Mars Meteorite

You question whether he really hails from Mars, so give him a meteorite piece that's a rock solid idea.


The Royal Tenenbaums Print

It's not so surprising this movie became a cult classic, but this print makes for an unexpected, oddball gift. It's also kinda perfect — since you guys talk about your eccentric family.

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Mug With a Hoop

It would be a missed shot to pass up this mug for the guy who loves to shoot hoops.


Retro Pop Art from Photos

From his Instagram feed to a piece of pop art, here's a custom gift that's just his style.


Custom Bobblehead

Here's a gift that can go in many directions, depending on who turns into the bobblehead — it could be him, it could be you, or it could be someone famous for a good laugh.


Das Horn Drinking Vessel

Channel your guy's inner viking with this kooky cool drinking vessel.


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Apr 7, 2017


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