Witty, Funny, and Slightly Sarcastic Gift Ideas for Him

When you’re gift shopping, it’s always helpful to think on his personality. And he's anything but a serious dude. You’ve never had a serious chat with him. Or you know him on a tease-one-another-only basis. Whatever your relationship, when you're shopping for lighthearted gifts for men, keep in mind his sense of humor. And all joking aside, we think this is a top-notch gift list of ideas designed to give him a good laugh.

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His Inner Monologue
I'm Bilingual if Sarcasm Counts T-Shirt

Because the thing you love most about him is his unabashed sarcasm. 


Go Away Doormat

He's not afraid to be outspoken about his introverted ways. 


I Do What I Want Cat Coffee Mug

You share a cat with him — and a love for your independence. 


Ring for Sex Bell

Here's what to give the love of your life who can't get enough of you. (Ding ding, the perfect gift!)


Drunken Grownups Bottle

For the beer-loving guy who frequents a certain doughnut shop (like you), this tongue-in-cheek beer sleeve is adorably on point. 


Bad Idea/Good Idea Shot Glasses

Here's a gift that gives him a little help in the decision department. 


Married AF T-Shirt

Give your guy a shirt that reminds him how he's truly taken. 


Funny Sarcasm Mug

You've found the perfect gag gift for the co-worker who lets you talk about your troubles for an hour. 


Personalized Shot Glass

Customize this shot glass with his specific woes (get personal!). 


Funny Quote T-Shirt

Here's the perfect tee for that strong-willed guy who likes to be right. 


Funny Office Mug

Because you've shared many a laugh together in the office — after leaving a long meeting that went nowhere. 


Better Stuff Doormat

He's a bit of a grump, which is part of his endearing personality that you love. 


It's Not Me It's You T-Shirt

If your friend has been sharing some oh-so-interesting dating sagas, here's a tee to poke fun at his tendency for dating drama. 


The Right Medicine Shot Glass Set

Here's a gag gift to give with a toast to work, marriage, and that unreliable car that's giving him stress. 


Why Do Men Have Nipples? Book

He'll not only enjoy this book, but he'll enjoy having some fun facts to share at the next party, over a martini.


Secondhand Vegetarian Funny T-Shirt

You couldn't find a more fitting shirt for your meat lover. 


Office Pillow Power Nap

Even if he can't use this to nap in his cubicle, you know he'll appreciate the thought. 


Funny Guy Coffee Mug

He's not one to feel squeamish about talking about poop. And it's true — coffee does make you poop!


Retirement Date T-Shirt

Let the countdown begin with this hilarious shirt on his release to retirement. 


His Potty Mouth
Calm the F*ck Down: Adult Coloring Book

He's a bit wound up and could use a gift that helps him relax, in an irreverent way, of course. 


Fart Extinguisher

Because his farts are deadly, and he knows it. 


I Like Your Weiner Funny Coffee Mug

Give your man some props in the weiner department. 


Fart Ninja Funny T-Shirt

He may be adulting now, but he still farts like a ninja. 


Nice Underwear Doormat

Bingo! You've found a gift that says just what he's thinking. 


I Pee in Pools Trucker Hat

Here's a hat that celebrates how honesty is the best policy. 


Grow the F*ck Up Book

For a guy with a more raunchy side of humor, here's a book that will get a good laugh. 


Poke Fun At What He Loves
Cereal Killer Bowl

Give him a gift that pokes fun at how no cereal is safe with him at home. 


Fifty Shades of Chicken

This funny book plays off his seductive sense of humor (and love of chicken). 


Money Soap Gag Gift

Found: an ingenius way to ensure he's showered. He'll be sudsing up to get his cash prize!


Video Games Shower Curtain

Because you realize video games are a big deal for him — not to be sequestered away to the man cave alone. 


Pac Man Video Game Wall Clock

He'll get a good giggle when he discovers an old favorite game in the form of a clock.


Star Wars I Am Your Father T-Shirt

Because timeless quotes don't all have to be from literary scholars. He'll appreciate a tee that celebrates one of his favorite quotes, from Darth Vader.


The Legend of Zelda Apothecary Jar

Here's the one witty apothecary jar he'll actually love — for securing his treasures. 


Travel Hoodie and Neck Pillow

Because traveling for him is tough, especially when he gets seated in front of some loud-and-kicky toddlers.  


Why You Suck at Golf

You share a relationship where you're 100 percent real with one another — that what he expects (wink wink). 


Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

He's been touted as the drill sergeant of your family, so give your fave grillmaster the perfect tongue-in-cheek apron. 


I Love Video Games Coasters

These gifts are playfully fun, kind of like a guy you know. 


Star Wars Jedi Fleece Robe

Because he'll get a kick out of pretending to have jedi powers in this robe. 


Zombie Cookie Jar Head

You two are all about zombies, so give him a not-so-serious gift for the kitchen. 


The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

Let's face it, his love of cheese is so pure, it's almost spiritual. 


The Goatee Shaving Template

For the dude with the goatee, there is no gift more perfect to make him laugh. 


A Little Goofy
100% Silk When Pigs Fly Necktie

He's the ultimate cranky pessimist — and that's what you love about him. 


Shark Week Cookie Mug

Because you tease him about his infamous sweet tooth — that chomps up any cookies he finds. 


Bag of Dinosaur Farts Cotton Candy

For the guy who announces his farts (still), here's a gift that's sealed in a joke.


Functional Magnetic Key Holder

He's a silly kind of dude who will appreciate a goofy way to keep track of his often-misplaced keys. 


The Brainstorming Beer Glass

Everyone knows that guy who seems to come up with wild ideas after a few beers. Give your drunkerpreneur something to sip on. 


iDrink Smartphone Flask

It's technology meets modern-day drinking with this hilariously fun smartphone flask.


The Naked Roommate Book

Here's important reading to give him before he heads off to school. 


Whole Food Protein Bars

He's got a good B.S. meter and will appreciate the thought behind this gift. 


Lamborghini Wireless Mouse

You can't give him the real thing, so tease him with a mouse-size version. 


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May 17, 2017


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