Hilarious Gifts for Your Goofy Dad

Every family needs someone to keep the mood light. Someone to joke around with and not be so serious. Someone who can get away with (sometimes) being a little inappropriate, all in good fun. And that's Dad, for sure. So when it comes to gift giving, look for funny gifts that play to his very important role in the family: keeping everyone smiling. Here's your go-to gift list for funny, punchline-ready gifts for dad.

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Goofball Fun
PAC-MAN Desk Clock

Here's a desk clock that he'll eat up, because it's a reminder of a favorite piece of his childhood.


Face Mug

The running joke in the family is that Dad eats all the cookies. You'll all get a good laugh with this gift.


Retro Hot Dog Toaster

This retro toaster pops up as the most fun idea for the Dad who loves a good hot dog.


Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

After a tough week, he's looking to fill up the tank with something fun.


Funny Coffee Mug

Because funny gifts are supposed to channel his sense of humor — and he's got a bit of a potty mouth on him.


Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice

Give him a way to relax by the pool and think about his favorite food — all in one gift.


Emoji Golf Balls

Because he freely uses emojis in all forms of communication, and these goofy balls may even up his golf game.


Baseball Spatula

He's got the skills to whip up morning pancakes and hit a line drive — so this gift is a home run.


Star Wars R2d2 Bank

Because you're never too old for Star Wars, and he always needs change for the parking meter.


Furry Hairy Slippers

Give him a gift that channels his fur-brained humor.


Shark Oven Mitt

Dad's a real shark in the kitchen, so pick up two of these oven mitts for the best cook in the house.


USA Beer Cap Map

He may not remember to toss his beer caps in the trash, but he'll somehow always remember to organize his trophy beer caps in this fun map.


Toilet Putting Green

Now you won't be wondering why he's spending so long in the bathroom.


Zombie Plush Slippers

It's the dawn of the best gift ever for the guy who loves zombie flicks.


Cheese Board and Knife Set

 Dad loves cheese, and this gift swings in to channel his inner lumberjack.


Flair Hair Visor

Kind of creepy, kind of hilarious — and kind of the perfect gift for him.


Custom Golfer Bobblehead

Your goofball, golf-loving dad may laugh his head off with this gift.


Golf Ball Sack

Because he goes there with humor, and he'll appreciate this goofball golfball gift.


Barbarian Beard Hat

What could be more hilarious than seeing Dad in this hat? Seriously.


Grownup Sarcasm
Joking Hazard Game

Here's the perfect addition to his Friday night. Because when the kids are asleep, the grownups will play.


Do You Live Here Doormat

He's not one to beat around the bush with words, so you know he'll appreciate this humorous gift for the house.


Funny Beer Mug

Here's one prescription he'll never forget to fill.


Back Scratcher

Be sure to include a note that adds you scratched his back, now maybe he can scratch yours.


To Do List Pillow

Here's a funny gift that also gives him permission to do what he really wants  — take a nap.


Personalized Wine Chiller

This wine chiller channels his college days of fine drinking out of a red solo cup.


Compact Fridge

The one thing his man cave needs is a mini fridge — done and done.


The Carry on Cocktail Kit

He loves a good old-fashioned cocktail, and this carry-on kit will clear security when he's traveling.


How to Traumatize Your Children Book

This book is too funny for words, and he will rejoice that you found it.


Beard Oil

Because you'd like him to lose the facial hair, but you'll settle on some beard oil to give it a luster.


USB Audio Converter for Turntables

Give Dad a way to connect his turntable to his computer to rediscover his old music. The whole crew will get a kick out of listening to his old classic tunes.


Aged to Perfection Shirt

Skip the greeting card with the joke about his age — this styling T-shirt says it better.


People Feeder

Challenge Dad to eat like a bird when it comes to his favorite candies.


Guitar Amplifier

For the dad who just took on learning the guitar, this mini amplifier lets him rock out (in private).


Sriracha Water Bottle

Celebrate his love of hot sauce with a fun way to tote water around — and just chill out.


Beer Soap Set

You know Dad likes a manly scent, and he'll be tickled that you found this soap set.


Just Plain Witty
Funny Quote Shirt

Here's the perfect T-shirt for the Dad who's never (ever) wrong.


LED Word Clock

This clock isn't about reading time — it's about getting laughs.


Cactus Pillow

Underneath his prickly, sarcastic humor, Dad's a real softie. And he'll love this support pillow for when he travels.


Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow Pouch

He's a bit of a procrastinator (and proud of it, too!).


Daddy's Diaper Duty Apron - Unique New Dad Gag Gift- Baby Shower Gift Idea

Here is the hilariously perfect gift for a new dad you know.


Cactus Toothpick Holder

Dad's the guy who's always grabbing a toothpick after dinner, so this gift is a sharp choice.


Cotton Lunch Bag

He's known to forget his lunch on the counter. This will help Dad remember and give him a good chuckle.


Game Night In A Can

Dads are allowed to be excited about a game that promises a crazy, memorable, good time.


Best Buckin' Dad Ever T-Shirt

He'll love the sentiment behind this shirt. After all, he really tries not to curse.


Best Ever Desk Signs

You'll get a big old smile from Dad for going all out to make him feel special.


Donut Warming Mug

Here's a gift that shows you know him. And what Dad really wants for breakfast is a coffee and a glazed doughnut.


Decision Paperweight

He's not a serious kind of dude, so here's the perfect solution for making big decisions.


NFL Snack Helmet

Let him show off his team pride and fill up on his fave snacks for game day.


Hanging 3 Toed Sloth

Dad may have co-opted the words "sloth day" as his favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday, but you've just found the perfect gag gift for him.


Gangster Mugshots Shot Glasses

Surprise him with a mysterious set of glasses. Underneath it all, he's got a bit of wild streak.


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By: Jen L'Italien  |  Mar 30, 2017


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