38 Best Gifts for Stepdad

Finding the best gifts for stepdad should be easy, but what do you get for the guy who already has every crafty gift and Christmas tie known to man? Time to step up your gifting game with presents that are quirky, useful, special, unique, and sometimes hilarious. From dartboards to drinkware, coffee to covfefe (you’ll understand in a minute), these stepdad gifts are everything you need to make your bonus parent happy, no matter the occasion.

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Race Car Driving Experiences

Vroom vroom, dudes! Get your stepdad’s heart pumping with a race car driving experience that puts him in control of a billion horsepowers (give or take a few). With experiences available all over the country via some of the hottest tracks, both amateurs and racing enthusiasts alike will be thrilled to make like Tom Cruise and chase after that checkered flag.


Personalized BBQ Grill Set

He’s the thriller griller, the hamburger flipper and silly quote quipper, the hot dad who makes hot dogs. In other words, he’s in charge of all the grilling and deserves a set of tools that fit the job. Get these engraved so everyone knows owns the spatula, fork, and more.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

In the early 1900s, people made moonshine to get around prohibition laws. This personalized whiskey barrel is way better than brewing gin in a bathtub. Your stepdad will love making his own booze, and the personalized graphic ensures this already attractive barrel is a man cave-worthy display piece too.


Trump Dartboard & Cabinet

The ex-Prez himself has turned to announce that your stepdad is the greatest, the best, with a HUUUGE heart, and nary a covfefe bone in his body! Love Trump, hate Trump, it doesn’t matter – this dartboard is hilarious and well deserving of a place of honor in the game room or garage.


BBQ Boss Personalized Maple Cutting Board - 12x17

Who’s the most talented brisket baster in all the land? If you’re looking for a gift for your stepdad that works equally well for grilling and indoor cookathons, this cutting board is it. Plenty of room to slice, handy drip wells to catch the juices, and a place front and center to acknowledge who’s really the boss in this barbecue scenario.


Beer of the Month Club

Twelve bottles of beer on the wall, twelve bottles of beer, take one down and pass it around and you’ve got — well, you’ve got plenty of more beer coming, because this gift subscription deliveries monthly. Wahoo! Just what your dear old stepdad needs to keep his mini fridge fully stocked.


Custom Golf Ball Marker

Your stepdad plays in some pretty big sandpits — but he’s usually pretty mad he’s ended up there. Golfing is a game of precision. Now you can help him remember where he left his balls with these ball markers personalized with his initials.


Memory Lane Personalized Canvas

Whether he can never remember important dates or is a walking calendar with eyes, your stepdad would love a piece of art that serves as a walk down memory lane — so you could say this gift is perfectly named. His life is unique, and now he’ll have the wall art to match.


Variety of the Month Club

What’s better than one surprise? How about a new one every month? Wrap up this subscription (figuratively speaking, of course) and your stepdad will get a new gourmet selection delivered every 30 or so days. They won’t know what’s coming, but they’ll love it when it gets there.


Race a Lamborghini

Most dads would give their right arm AND their favorite tool belt for a chance to just sit in a Lamborghini. Well, get ready to watch your dad squeal with delight when he realizes he not only gets to sit in one but to race it around a real road course. We recommend you stand way back from the road and film this moment for posterity (or for Instagram, your choice).


Fishing T-Shirt for Dad

Because his greatest catch was your mom and all you youngins, now there’s a shirt that lists his kiddos AND honors his favorite hobby. And it smells better than the inside of a tacklebox, too.


Personalized Vintage Hoodie

For the guy who’s aging like a fine wine, there’s a sweatshirt that offers retro aesthetics but feels totally brand new. Personalize this hoodie with two lines of text (his name and a message, perhaps?) plus a year (the year he was born or the year he married your mom would be perfect), and your masterpiece is complete.


Hot Sauce of the Month Club

If your stepdad likes it spicy, he’ll adore getting two bottles of these zesty sauces every month. After all, they’re made by master chefs and approved by other hotheads, so they’ve gotta be totally drool worthy. #YUM


Ballpark Park Glasses

It’s one, two, three strikes you’re out if you get your stepdad bad gifts. Ha! Just kidding, he’ll love you no matter what, but he’ll love you, even more, when he unwraps a couple of glasses representing his favorite MLB team.


The Legend Pillow

No one does stepdad like your stepdad. Give the man, the myth, the legend a comfy pillow that supports his back and nurtures his spirit. And maybe even his ego.


Brass Bolt Action Pen

All the mechanics of a firearm but intended for a much more peaceful purpose, this bolt-action pen appeals to tough guys who also like to write a little poetry or grocery lists or checks to the gas company in their spare time.


Dwight Schrute Quotes Book

There is no better advice than the advice that comes from the Assistant to the Regional Manager. Dwight Schrute is everybody’s favorite beet farmer, and that’s what your The Office loving stepdad is going to ugly cry like Michael Scott when he unwraps this gift.



It’s bigger than a card, and better than one too. This canvas blows up big feelings until they’re large enough for your stepdad to see every time he walks in the room.


Authentic Leather Apron

Whether he’s a cook, a woodworker, a painter, a sculptor, or just likes to tinker, this apron is just what he needs to look that part and avoid getting his outfit (and maybe his body parts) all banged up.


Personalized Leather Dopp Kit

Packing for the road has never looked so chic. Upgrade your stepdad from his typical routine of throwing shampoo and a razor into a Ziploc bag and give him this Dopp kit that not only holds all his important stuff but also features personalization for that extra special touch.


Cigar of the Month Club

Mmmm… that first after-dinner smoke on the back patio is everything your stepdad loves about quiet nights full of relaxation. Add to his enjoyment with a monthly subscription that entitles him to hand-rolled cigars from some of the best producers on the planet and you’re gifting him something he’ll actually use.


Jerky of the Month Club

It’s time for cured meats! Surprise your stepdad with triple the savory goodness every month when you sign him up for a jerky subscription. From teriyaki treats to buffalo bites brimming with heat, there’s a ton of flavor to be had for what’s sure to be one very happy dad.


Custom Shot Glasses

These hilarious shot glasses do a great job of holding an ounce or two of booze, but that’s just the beginning. You can personalize them with your stepdad’s name, and the few lines of reasons to drink (mother-in-law is here? ha!) Makes this present a real winner.


Bacon of the Month Club

He loves BLTs. Waffles are boring on their own. And forget a club sandwich unless bacon is present. It’s true, bacon is delicious, which is why your stepdad will cry tears in porky appreciation for this subscription that ensures monthly deliveries of America’s best cured pig.


National Park Candles

For outdoor enthusiasts, coming home is a bit of a drag. But now your stepdad can bring home the incredible scents of mother nature to make his bathroom smell like trees, earth, and the wide-open spaces — and let’s face it, that’s much better than what his bathroom usually smells like.


Amp-Ready Thumb Piano

Thinking about starting a family band? Get your stepdad started on this thumb piano and he’ll be ready to jam in no time.


Football Greatest Plays Coasters

All those Sundays spent watching his favorite team on the flatscreen and it’s hard to remember the best plays. These coasters will help. Beautifully etched, wonderfully informative, super manly.


Personalized Coastal Pocket Knife

Because when you catch a fish that’s THIIIIS BIIIIIG, you need a knife to help cut the line. Of course, this personalized pocket knife is good for a lot of other stuff too, which is why your stepdad will be carrying it 24/7 from now on.


Vinyl Record Clocks

Whether your stepdad likes rock and roll or is the consummate rocker himself, he’ll get a kick out of a practical item that’s also full of musical fun. This clock is made using a real vintage vinyl LP, offering authenticity and aesthetics galore.


Appalachian Trail Card Case

Even in the stuffiest boardrooms, this Appalachian Trail card case will remind your stepdad that there’s an incredible world waiting for him as soon as he can clock out.


A Plot of Land in Ireland

A trip to the auld sod is always a good time but owning a piece of the Emerald Isle is even better. Pint of Guinness and sweet Aran sweater sold separately.


Best-In-Class Portable Grill

It’s a portable grill, but it uses biodegradable charcoal pods — just what every eco-conscious stepdad needs to satisfy his desire for hot and juicy steaks and his love for our planet at the same time.


Cheese of the Month Club

For the stepdad who likes some cheese with his cheese, there’s a club that makes that happen month in and month out.


Personalized 5 Slot Watch Box

You’ve given him a watch, now give him something to keep it in — with the personalized top to make this gift even more meaningful.


Personalized Dartboard & Cabinet

It looks fantastic and performs even better. This personalized dartboard closes up between games, then opens up to allow for plenty of fun to your stepdad can entertain his buddies (or just himself) anytime the mood strikes.


Flexible Portable Drum Set

Mom’s probably not thrilled about the idea of your stepdad setting up a full-sized drumkit, so he’ll love the next best thing. This set rolls up so he can go from room to room and rock out like the superstar he is.


Early American Coffeee Trio

Put some pep in his step and some flavor in his cup with coffee inspired by the same brews enjoyed by early Americans. It’s caffeine with an extra scoop of class.


Moonshine Gentlemen's Cologne

What makes a men smell good? Whoever created this cologne nailed it. Totally masculine, right down to the packaging, and a gift your stepdad will truly be proud of. Bingo.


Feeling inspired? Save this list and you’ll always have access to gifts for your stepdad that is suitable for every major holiday and all the “just because” moments in between. For even more ideas, check out Best Gifts for Dad, Father’s Day Gift Ideas, Christmas gifts for Dad, and Gifts for Men.

Jul 13, 2021


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