The Essential Gift List of Birthday Ideas for Any Mother-In-Law

When it comes to finding the right gift, there are some people who require some extra thought. Your mother-in-law is one of those people. Let's face it, getting her birthday gift wrong is really not an option. You want to surprise her with a gift that goes beyond her expectations. So follow this thoughtfully curated list of gift ideas for any mother-in-law, to help make her big day feel appropriately happy.

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For Her Home

Brick Marble Clock

You know she loves marble (it's all over her kitchen), so give her a clock that, likewise, makes a solid statement. 

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Three Tier Solid Copper Serving Stand

Whenever she hosts, she serves lots of appetizers. Here's a pretty way to elevate those little bites (even if they're simply pigs-in-a-blanket!). 

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Salt and Pepper Cellar Set

For the mother-in-law who loves to cook, here's a pretty stoneware set that she doesn't already own. 

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Natural Agate Coasters

Be sure to add in a message about her being a real gem, just like these gorgeous agate coasters.

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Galvanized Steel Flower Pot

She grows her own fresh herbs, so this galvanized flower pot will make her sprout-happy. 

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Jadeite Mixing Bowl Set

The vintage green color of these multipurpose bowls will tug at her love of farmhouse style. Even more fitting: they're made in the USA.

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SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

She's a big fan of sparkling water, fruity sodas, and solutions that save her money. Here's a win-win gift so she can make her own drinks. 

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Multicolored Flower Pots

When in doubt about a gift for your mother-in-law choose something she loves (plants) and buy something adorable (in multiples). 

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Brass Watering Can

A plastic watering can will do the job, but a brass one matches her longtime love of tending to the garden. 

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Ceramic BBQ Condiment Serving Set

Because she has an eye for design details, so she'll love a way to make the table look extra pretty — even for just a basic barbecue.

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Ceramic Hanging Planter Set

Suspend any doubts she has about you when you give your mother-in-law the perfect gift. This ceramic hanging planter is the oh-so-pretty present that will wow her.

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Live, Laugh, Love Nesting Boxes

For the mother-in-law who's attracted to charming country style, these nesting boxes match her home's look — and give her extra storage. 

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Hammered Moscow Mule Mugs

Here's a fun way for your mother-in-law to serve up her favorite cocktail (mojitos, anyone?). 


60 Hour Candle

Because the only gift better than a luxe candle is one that burns for a really long time. 


Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder

Your mother-in-law is a tech-savvy woman who loves to find recipes online to try. Give her a handy solution for baking with her tablet. 


For Her Love of Good Food

Microwave Popcorn Popper

With a healthy, fast way to make tasty popcorn, her must-see-TV nights will be even better. 

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Organic Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

Find out if she's a coffee or tea drinker. For the tea drinker, give her a pretty sampling of her favorite drink to sip on. 


Mud Pie Circa Mixing Bowl Set

She's big into baking, and you're big into encouraging your mother-in-law to bake more of her sweet treats.

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Dessert and Baking Salts

Because anyone who bakes as much as your mother-in-law will love a fine set of dessert and baking salts to up her game. 


Tea from Around the World Set

You can give her a trip around the world with flavors of quality tea — a perfect gift for the longtime teadrinker. 


Cake of the Month Club

She doesn't have time (or the desire) to bake a cake, but she'd sure love one delivered to her door. 


Foodieterranean Gift Box

For a foodie gift for your mother-in-law, give her a gourmet gift box with options. More is better in this instance. 


Chocolate of the Month Club

Let's just say the Chocolate of the Month club is sure to turn into her favorite club ever. (Books are great, but you can't beat chocolate!) 


For a Little Indulgence

Kate Spade Daisy Maise Satchel Bag

Because a designer bag covered in daisies feels just perfect for the mother-in-law who's a big floral fan. 

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Herbivore Moon Fruit Night Treatment

Indulge her in a luxe night cream that will help her look refreshed by morning. 

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Kate Spade Pendant Necklace

Because a personalized gift in gold makes a wow gift to give your mother-in-law. 

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Dead Sea Bath Salts

It's safe to assume most mothers-in-law prefer a relaxing bath over a shower (and she has the time for a tub). So give her the best salts for a calming, detoxifying bath.

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Carafe with Oak Stopper

She'll find many uses for this fine carafe — from homemade mint iced tea to a chilled rosé. 

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Candy Jar with Ash Lid

If you know her candy of choice, here's the gift to give just 'cause you know she'd love a pretty container filled with her favorite treat.

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For Bringing Out Her Smile

Kate Spade

Your mother-in-law is not one for hard plastic coolers. She likes flashy, shiny, golden accessories — and this cheeky, stylish cooler is just her speed. 

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Spa Tower

The best part of this towering set of spa goodies is the packaging that shows her you're giving so much more — including peace, clarity, and strength. 


The Life and Love of the Sea

For the beach-loving mother-in-law, give her the ultimate coffee table book filled with stunning sea photography.

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Love of Family Necklace

It's family first for your mother-in-law, and this lovely necklace engraves the message as a sweet reminder. 


Celebrate Oval Platter

There's always a reason to celebrate, especially if you're someone who loves to entertain — like your mother-in-law. 

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Wine Saver Carafe

Here's a handy solution for the mother-in-law who loves a little wine mid-week (but needs a way to save the rest of the bottle). 


Rothko Scarf

She's someone who always runs cold, so here's a scarf she'll likely use even in the off-season. 


Secret Garden Coloring Book

She's creative, she loves gardening, she's retired (and has time on her hands) — the secret's out that she'll love this adult coloring book. 

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Strong Women Pendant

She's a pillar of strength, so give her a pendant that shows how you sincerely admire her. 


Rainbow Color Wheel Umbrella

Next time she gets caught in a rainstorm, she'll have a rainbow to duck under.

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Birth Month Mini Dish

Your mother-in-law loves to accessorize. So give her a sweet dish that honors her birth month — for all those sparkly gems that need a spot on the dresser.  


Flower of the Month Club

What's better than giving your mother-in-law flowers? Giving her flowers every month, delivered to her door. It's the gift that keeps on giving (and makes you look good!). 


Black Alligator Skin Leather Handbag Clutch

You know this fact: Your mother-in-law could never have too many fine leather handbags. This gift shows her you noticed what she loves. 


My Family Cookbook

Here's a gift that's a conversation starter, a treasured keepsake, and a way for your mother-in-law to gather all those family recipes that she wants to pass down to you all.  


Literary Scarves

For the well-read mother-in-law, here's a scarf that channels her affection for literary greatness. 


Watering Globe and Plant Nanny Stake

She loves her plants, but she's often off visiting her grandkids. Here's a handy solution to keep her houseplants happy and thriving. 


Birth Month Flower Earrings

Here's a thoughtful gift that's personalized for her birth month — and channels your mother-in-law's earth goddess style. 


Audrey Hepburn Flower Pot

Because your mother-in-law is a big Audrey Hepburn fan, and this flower pot is a little cheeky — and just plain fun. 


Personalized Photo Wood Plaque

Anyone can give a framed family photo. But personalizing a wood plaque with a special snap of her brood? That takes the photo gift to a new level. 


Ladies Spa Gift Set

Ladies love to get their spa on, and that includes your mother-in-law — who loves her weekly trips to the nail salon. 


Necklace Eyeglass Holder

Here's a pretty way to solve her mystery of the always-disappearing eyeglasses. 


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May 30, 2017


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