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5 Ways to Find Amazing Gifts for 16 Year Olds
Sixteen year olds are totally sure that they know who they are. But that changes every five minutes and aren't about to tell you about it when it does. So how are you supposed to give an unforgettably awesome gift to these illusive creatures? Check in with them before you shop with a casual conversation that will help you find a perfect gift in one of these.

Go Live

Teens live so much online that they might forget what it's like to see something in real life. Hook them up with a gift that gets them front and center with whatever they're obsessing over these days whether it's a band, a gallery, a gaming club, a team or something else that will bring their passion to life.

Push Limits

Adventures are a surefire way to create a memory and to build their confidence and repertoire. There are tons of experiences out there that challenge teens physically, mentally and/or just teach them about something new through doing something new. Check what's available in their town or take them on a trip. They'll thank you for it later.

See the Future

Help your teen zero in on where they want to be in a few years' time by giving them a gift that puts it into perspective. Biographies of their idols, stock in their favorite brand or a tool that helps them track their summer job money and save for the car they want will guide them in the right direction.

Pump them Up

If they know what they want out of life, or the next year anyway, then give them a gift that supports their dream and helps keep them focused on their goal. Whatever they're aiming for, college, a new car, etc., you can help keep it in perspective with a gift that makes it feel so much closer.

Personalize It

Each sixteen year old is at the center of their own universe. So, any gift that you pick out with their name on it will help solidify and show off their personal opinion that they are the only most important thing in the world.