Himalayan Salt Dome Lamp

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Sometimes modern medicine doesn't have all the tools we need to take care of our overall well-being. When you're looking for ways to heal that may be a little outside the box, it's time to embrace alternative therapies like this Foot Detox Dome Lamp. To make this lamp, the creators went to the Himalayan Mountains to uncover mounts of purifying pink salt that have been buried for centuries. Then, each raw salt rock is hand-carved into a sleek dome shape that sits on a lamp base, bringing piece and a calming vibe to whatever room it illuminates. Many people believe in the healing power of Himalayan salt; it may be used in spiritual reawakenings, to purify the body and soul, and to restore harmony in a person or a space. This dimmable lamp is designed to target and soothe achy feet. Wrap one up for anyone who could use some TLC on their tootsies. Do you have a friend, colleague, or loved one who spends all day running around the restaurant, chasing kids, or tending to errands? This gift could be just what they need to relax, rejuvenate, and remember why you're their favorite person on the planet. DOME LAMPS are not meant to get really hot, excessive heat can cause damage to the salt structure. Small cracks will appear if too much heat is applied. Turn the salt lamp down when not in use. PRODUCT INFO: Our salt lamps come fully assembled with UL approved power cords, bulbs, and switches. Bulb & UL Certified Dimmer Cord Included.

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