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Find over 15 best gardening Christmas gift ideas in 2024

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Dig into the Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for Gardeners

There's a special gardener on your holiday shopping list, yet you can't seem to pluck one good idea for what gift to give. Gardeners know how to nurture their flower beds and veggie patches (and always seem to share what they grow with the ones they love.) Much like flower arranging - whether you like your blossoms wild or you prefer your posies prim - there are no hard-and-fast rules to shopping gifts for gardeners. (Just good advice!) Gather tips for finding Christmas gifts for gardeners and beautifying their gardens.


Tool Kit

It always helps to dig around to know what your fave gardener owns (and may need). But if that’s not practical, your gardeners likely could use a new shovel, a clean organized toolkit, or even gloves to replace their ragged pair. (It’s like carpenters, who can never have too many hammers.) Extra tools (that spell quality) are sure to be welcome in her garden.


Beautify the Gardener

Look outside the garden in thinking on a Christmas gift for a gardener you love. She could probably use some beauty tricks for keeping those hands soft and moisturized and her body scrubbed clean. Peek in the medicine cabinet to see if she has a favorite brand for a gardener’s balm or hand scrub.


Grow Eat Love

Some of the best Christmas gifts for gardeners look ahead to spring. Sprinkle in some heirloom seed packets or solutions for tending to her veggie garden. You know she loves to eat what she grows.


Oh Mr. Sun

Being a gardener means you’re out in the sun a lot. While that’s good vitamin D, it also means your gardener needs more protection from the sun. Find out how your gardener preps to be out in her home garden and what additions she could use. Sun hat? Sunglasses? Sunscreen?


Planning Ahead

A true gardener has a master plan when it comes to what grows where in what kind of sunlight. There’s a science to it! And you need to have a visual of where plants are planted. Think on ways to keep her organized — like plant markers and a handy journal to map out the garden plan.


Climate Change

Flowers, veggies, and even fruit trees grow in specific climates. You can’t grow California poppies in the cold tundra of northern Minnesota. Before shopping Christmas gifts for your gardener, be sure to consider where she lives and the location’s general climate.


Garden Inspired

Give your gardener the gift of inspiration. From a coffee table book with photos of gardens from all over, to a handy plant reference bible, to a subscription to a gardening magazine all about the outdoor world. It’s a Christmas present that helps your gardener grow her knowledge.  


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