Wine Christmas Gift Ideas

Best Gift Ideas of 2021

Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Wine Saver Carafe
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Decanting Wine Glass (Set Of 2)
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Personalized Wine Decanter
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Outdoor Wine & Cocktail Glasses
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Barrel Stave Wine Butler
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Wine & Appetizer Plates (Set Of 4)
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Ventilated Outdoor Wine Covers
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Full Bottle Wine Purifier
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Outdoor Collapsible Wine Table
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:My Drinks Journal
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:The Wine Hook
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Make Your Own Wine Kit
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Personalized Whole Bottle Wine Glass
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Like Mother Like Daughter Wine Glass
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Personalized Wine Barrel
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Wine Making Kit & Barrel
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Wine Of The Month Club
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Personalized Wine Cork Box
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Elite Wine Pouring System
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Round Wine Cork Board Kit
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Full Bottle Wine Glass :)
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Corkcicle Air Wine Chiller And Aerator
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Wine Tool Set Bottle
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Bath Cup Holder For Wine And Beer
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Brookstone Compact Wine Opener
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Cordless Wine Opener With Chiller
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Wine Preserver
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Wine Lovers Bottle Opener Set
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Vintage Tricycle Wine Bottle & Glass Holder
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Wine For Your Life
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Puppy Wine Holder
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Zinzig Wine Game
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Unwanted Acid Extracter For Wine
Wine Christmas Gift Ideas:Premium Wine Aerator Decanter

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How to Uncork the Best Christmas Gift ideas for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers know a thing or two about slowing down. You cannot rush through a glass of wine (white or red, sparkling or dry) to truly savor it. That's all the more reason to think on Christmas gifts for wine lovers that uncork this simple pleasure. After all, Christmas time can feel like the season of rushing around. Here's how to order up fine Christmas gift ideas for any wine lovers - and press pause on savoring the holiday.


Red or White

Is a simple start, but you do want to find out whether your wine lover prefers red, white, or drinks any and all good wines. Keep in mind certain glasses pair with different wines. And there are even hip stemless copper wine glasses for the younger wine-loving crew.


Grape Start

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for wine lovers, wine is an obvious starting point. But for your wine connoisseur friends, how do you choose one bottle amongst all the options? Ask your wine lover (or their significant other) to name one favorite wine. Then head to the wine shop and ask for help in finding other wines made with the same grape.


Personal Connection

The best Christmas gifts for wine lovers don’t need to be the best, priciest bottle of wine you can find. Wine lovers actually like to try lots of different wines. Is there a bottle of wine that has a story attached for you? Like a wine you remember picking up on a special trip through a vineyard? Be sure to share the story when you deliver the wine gift.  


Part of the Club

Does your wine lover go through a lot of wine? Undoubtedly. There are all kinds of wine clubs and ways to help your wine lover stock their wine fridge. You can even find ways to get great deals on wine delivered to their door, through sites like that invest in small winemakers.


Give and Take

Wine lovers also love to share their fave wines with everyone. Does your wine-loving friend bring a bottle along for every block party or picnic? You can scout for wine totes and carriers as practical gift ideas for wine lovers who care about presentation.


Inside Guide

Think about whether your wine lover asks about wines on the menu every time you go out to eat. Does he love learning about what wines are standouts on the menu and which wines pair best with which foods? The best Christmas gifts for curious wine lovers could be a handy wine guide or book on wine pairings — or a full-on course about wine at the local culinary school.


Party Time

Does your wine lover like to entertain? The worst thing at a party is sipping out of someone else’s wine glass. Think on ways to dress up and identify whose drink is whose with simple stocking stuffers like wine charms.


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