Gift Inspiration for a 19-Year-Old Boy When You're Totally Stumped

Depending on who you ask, 19-year-old guys tend to have a reputation. You may hear impulsive, immature, or completely and utterly obsessed with a certain topic, game or band. (But his friends will likely have a different set of words to describe their dude and his hidden talents.) So when you're looking to find gifts for a 19-year-old boy, let's remember he's not really a boy, but he is still a teenager. Here's a go-to list of gifts for teen boys that will only improve on his reputation.

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His Kind of Fun

Kala Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

This beauty of a ukulele is just right for the guy who's not shy about singing and performing for others. 

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Coleman 4-Person Tent

He knows how to spark a fire, and he's an adventurer at heart. This tent gives him space to sleep under the stars with his crew of good friends. 

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Chip-Zel-Pop by Funky Chunky

He's not going to want to share this gourmet snack mix in the dorm, guaranteed. This gift is just for him. 


Adventure Passport Holder

He's heading off to explore a world outside his homestate. So he'll need a rad passport holder for the big trip. 


Slyde Handboards

He's not one to lounge around with a beach read — the ocean waves call him. And these handboards are just plain fun. 


Wave Slapwatch

Turning almost-20 doesn't mean you've lost your love of cool slapbands. Here's a watch with a surf theme just perfect for summer. 


Smartphone Instant Photo Lab

He may live in a world of hashtags and Facebook shares, but he still appreciates taking snaps he can hang up in his dorm room. 


Penny Soccer Game

Who knew you could have so much fun with a penny? Here's a genius game and unexpectedly fun gift idea. 


ShotTracker for Basketball

He loves to shoot hoops, and this gift takes his hobby to a new high.   


Wood Rocker Guitar

He's graduated beyond air guitar, and this wood rocker guitar looks extra cool. 


Gummy Fast Food

You can't ship hot meals in a care package, but you can send him some sweet treats disguised as his favorite foods. 


Barnacle Waterproof Speaker

Because good times call for good tunes, even when you're by the water. 


Agate Guitar Picks

For the budding musician, here are some guitar picks that look rad — but that he'd never splurge on. 


Pringles Puzzle

For the potato chip lover, put his mind to work on something other than his smartphone. 


Pocket-Sized Six String Guitar

He's most inspired by music, and he'll appreciate a pocket-size gift based on his love of guitar. 


Waboba Ball

Some things never change — like how your 19-year-old boy still loves to play ball (and this one's not your average ball!).  


Optrix Phone Sports Camera Case

When he's not playing in the game, he can snap shots of the sports action. 


Moon Rocks Popcorn

Because tasty snacks are always needed for 19-year-olds who are always studying. The perfect gift for when the munchies come on!


Solutions He Needs

Mini Dodecahedron Puzzle Keychain

Here's a gift that will help him find his keys and keep his mind off waiting in line at the store. That's a win-win find! 

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Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

You were thinking there is nothing that will make your 19-year-old boy awaken in the morning hours. That is, until discovering this unique alarm clock on wheels that's the perfect solution for him.

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Pendleton Twin Camp Blanket

Here's something you can both agree on — the classic wool Pendleton camp blanket (that's been around for generations) is still the perfect topper for his bed. 

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Rustic Headphone Cord Keeper

This cord keeper is made of leather and brass clasps, that give it a bespoke style he'll appreciate. What he'll love most: no more tangled headphone cords!

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Swiss Army Utility Knife

For camping, for emergencies, for looking cool — every almost-20-year-old guy needs a handy Swiss Army knife. 

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The Mighty Wallet

The money clip is not the best option for a teenager trying to keep track of cash and ID cards. Here's a mighty fine solution. 


World's Safest Earphones

He'll still be able to hear outside sounds (for safety, when he's biking or running) while hearing quality sound with these earphones. Because it's about tuning in to his music — not tuning out the world. 


Roadmap: The Get-it-Together Guide

Presentation counts when it comes to advising a teenager. And this roadmap guide helps the 19-year-old who's a little scattered about a lot of stuff.


DIY Smartphone Projector

This smartphone projector is the perfect blend of old and new — so his Instagram-worthy snaps can be enlarged for his crew to see. 


Etched Leather Map Journal

This handsome leather map journal is the perfect place for him to jot down thoughts and plans, while he's out adventuring in new places. 


Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl

He's firmly in the camp of anti-soggy cereal, so give him a bowl to keep cereal meals just the way he likes them. 


Guitar Pattern Laptop Case

Here's a fresh laptop case that channels his rockin' love of acoustic music. 


Personalized Heritage Duffel Bag

Monogrammed with his name, this preppy duffel bag is just the piece he needs for traveling home on the weekends. (Consider it encouragement to come home more.)


Glyph Personal Theater Headset

You've likely never run into a 19-year-old boy who's disappointed by receiving a quality headset. Here's a failproof gift for him. 


Emoji Magnets

He lives in a world of emojis so give him a little something that gets his kitchen up to speed on the face of the day. 


Waterproof Notepad

He needs a spot to keep track of all his big ideas — which seem to come when he's in the shower!


Carving Wave FlyGrip

Here's a handy solution to make it easier for him to keep hold of his most prized possession (his smartphone, of course!). 


Hyper-Realistic Can Safe

You're looking for a practical gift for your teen, and this shaving can safe will give you both peace of mind. 


Smartphone Extension Handle

He would never buy a selfie stick himself, but he'll be happy that you did. 


His Point of View

Felt Letter Board

Here's a fun way for him to decorate his dorm room with his thought of the day. Consider it Facebook-style decorating 101. 

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BENRUS Scout Backpack

At 19, he's a rugged guy who's always active. So here's a backpack that looks and feels just his speed. 

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Sriracha Gumballs

When asked about his favorite foods, he'll respond that he likes anything and everything with hot sauce. So give these spicy-hot gumballs with a wink and a nod. 


Giant Pocky

Because Pocky is only better in giant size. He'll appreciate a supersized sweet treat. 


Just Cereal Marshmallows

He's always been the one to pick out cookie dough from ice cream or marshmallows out of cereal. So give him just want he wants — all the marshmallows. 


Around the World Spicy Nut Collection

He'd love to travel around the world someday. But for now, you can give him a healthy snack experience that spans the globe. 


Awkward Family Photos Movie Caption Game

He's the first one to note when something feels, well, awkward. So here's a fun game that takes awkward to a new level. 


Sock It to Me: Men's Crew Socks

You're pretty sure he's keeping the campus pizza shops in business. So here are fun socks that give a nod to what he loves most about college food. 


World's Largest Gummy Heart

Here's a fun way to show him you love him, with the biggest gummy heart known to man. 


The Mug with a Goalpost

You'll score points with a gift mug that lets him play with his food. He's still a teenager, after all. 


F in Exams Book

Here's the funny gift to give that 19-year-old student who could use a pick-me-up after finals. 


Away From Home Care Package

His mini fridge tends to run empty, and he never has detergent to do laundry. Give him a care package that sets your 19-year-old up for success off on his own. 


Cupcake Cookies

If you can't be there in person, celebrate your 19-year-old with a cross between cookies and cupcakes that make for a sweet surprise. 


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Jun 20, 2017


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