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7 Shortcuts to Scoring Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Some people love the experience of Christmas shopping at the final hour, while others feel utterly overwhelmed by the pressure. Either way, you need last-minute Christmas gifts before time runs out. When you're short on time, strategy is key or you can fall into the shopping pitfalls of coming up with something less than original (the horror!) or a gift that disappoints (the guilt!). Have no fear, we have the strategies here for shopping last-minute Christmas gifts for anyone - and come out with great gifts in the nick of time.


Know Deadlines

It all comes down to the holiday shipping deadlines set by the mail carriers each year. Make sure you place orders for last-minute gifts for your wife (or hubs) before those dates (and give wiggle room for processing time.) Scratch any kind of customization and shop collections that allow for expedited shipping.


Extra Extra

When you’re down to the wire, skip shipping those last-minute Christmas gifts for him to your house first (for you to gift wrap before the holiday). That route is a time suck. Instead, look for shops that can offer the extra service of gift wrapping last minute Christmas gifts (and ship gifts straight to him.)


Budget Ahead

Be sure to write out a holiday shopping list and set a budget for gifts. That way you can budget ahead for the last-minute jump in your credit card bills. On the positive side, last-minute Christmas gifts often go on sale right before the big day — so you could come in under budget!


Signature Pick

When time is of the essence, it’s easier to go with what you know works. Pick a signature gift that is gender-neutral and could work for most people on your list — or something you love and want to share with the ones you love (like a cashmere scarf you adore). Depending on the signature pick, you can even choose a different color for each person to make each gift feel more individual under the tree.


Group Together

Your family is big and time is running out! Switch gears and look for group gifts, so you can bundle some people together who are on your holiday shopping list.


Experience Counts

When you’re stumped on last-minute Christmas gifts for him, remember it doesn’t have to be a thing. You could choose an experience gift — and you’ll have your gift ready to go in a matter of minutes. The key here is finding out what he’d like to do. To find out clues, ask him what he’d do on a free day off from work and commitments.


Silly Fun

Funny gifts that toe the line of gag gifts are easy to come by at the last minute. Think out-of-the-box with what’s available in stores (like the pharmacy) that are close to home. Perhaps your last-minute Christmas gifts for the girlfriend include a whole basket of travel-sized toiletries (since she complains about your shampoo.)


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