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Your Guide to Scoring the Most Unusual Christmas Gifts

When you're looking for unusual Christmas gift ideas, you're really hoping to find gifts that will be remembered. Tons of great gift options are practical or sweet. Unusual Christmas gifts go the extra mile - these buyable items are unexpected (check!), one-of-a-kind (check!), or quirky in a memorable way (check, check!). But unusual Christmas gifts can be a risky choice for him or her. That's why we're sharing tips for getting unusual just right.


Word Search

Does she have a home filled with furniture and art that feels one-of-a-kind? Is he an independent spirit, including his indie style? Then it’s best to shop for unusual Christmas gifts outside the mainstream big-box stores. When you’re shopping online, do keyword searches that match up — like “vintage” or “artisanal” or even “indie” — to find a gift that’s one-of-a-kind.


Pinpoint Their Style

“Unusual” means different things to everyone — one person’s “unusual” is another’s “downright ugly”. To get the style just right, take clues from social media. Check her Pinterest for specifics on her wishlist or see if she’s tweeted about a brand she loves , then search out unusual Christmas gifts for her.  


Unusual Pairings

How well do you know this person? It’s tough to choose an unusual gift for the home or wardrobe if you don’t know them really well (including those distant cousins you never get to see.) But good food is universal! So if you’re looking for a more unusual gift,  search for an artisanal or gourmet line of speciality snacks or treats. There are so many unusual pairings of flavors in everything from chocolate to popcorn — and that unexpected flavor combo is sure to be a conversation starter around the tree.


Survey Time

Reach out to family for recommendations when you’re stumped on what to give. Ask about any standout gift that they received in the past — you’ll likely come away with ideas for unusual Christmas gifts for him or her.


Quirky Weird

Does he share a mutual love of zombies? What’s something seriously random you adore about her? For sweethearts, honey-bunnies, and besties — anyone who you’re super close to — look for unusual Christmas gifts that pinpoint some weird side of them that you absolutely love.


On Location

What is one of his or her favorite places? Start your search with gifts that are specific to a location. You can even discover unusual gifts that show latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, so you can map out their favorite spot. Do gift searches under terms like “map”, “destination”, or the specific name of the city or place you’re looking for.


Sneak Into Stockings

Believe it or not, one fast-and-easy way to hunt for unusual gifts is searching through a shop’s stocking stuffer offerings. Because those gifts are meant to be cool, unexpected — while being budget-minded —  so you can find some quirky and unusual Christmas gift ideas for anyone.  


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