Fiance Gifts that Go Straight to His Heart

You've got a sweet new title that feels really good to say out loud — fiance. So now that you're living in the world of the happily engaged, you need a gift to give your better half. There are no real rules when it comes to giving gifts to a fiance, except that the gifts should be flippin' awesome. Here are gifts that show your fiancé how he's never not on your mind.

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Help On The Go
Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This stylin' speaker can go wherever you two go, with a battery that lasts all day. So you can create moments together with your favorite music in the background, like a montage in a movie. 


Outdoor Beach Blanket

You and your fiancé like to be close together. But on the beach, you also like to have enough space on the beach blanket (and this one's magically sandproof, too!). 


Waterproof Digital Camera

Because you're marrying someone who's a bit of a stuntman, and he'll love trying to capture the iconic kissing underwater shot with this camera. 


Samsonite Luggage

Roll in with this impressive gift, and he'll want to dive right in with booking honeymoon plans. 


How to Be an Explorer of the World Book

You both nerd out at museums and love to collect pretty things for the home — making this book a perfect gift for your sweetheart. 


Sunrise Simulation and Radio Wake Up Light

You've tried every other trick in the book to wake up your sweetheart. So let him rise with the sun (wink wink). 


Herschel Supply Co. Duffle Bag

You've got your bag, now he'll have his. Put tickets for somewhere fun in the bag as an extra surprise. 


Smart Luggage Tag

Once you see your love go through one lost bag experience, you never want to go through that drama again. Consider this gift to be insurance for a smooth start to the honeymoon. 


Lonely Planet's Where To Go When

Not only have you found your soulmate, but you've found your favorite traveling partner. With this book, you two can start to map out your next adventure.


Make it Sweet or Sentimental
Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

You don't get to smooch in a photobooth everyday, so here's the next best thing. Don't forget to bring it along to the honeymoon. 


Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal

Because sometimes you need a journal to inspire you — and this one will help him make those goals a reality. 


Abbey Road Vinyl Record

Give him a vinyl record for an iconic band he loves — or for a song that is meaningful to you two. Don't have a record player just yet? You could frame it as a special art piece. 


Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide to 'Merica! for the Young, Sexy, and Broke

You're young, in love, and a little broke. So here's your book about getting out there and living life on the edge — and on budget. 



Personalized Dress Shirt Collar Stays - Secret Message

No one else in the office will see the little love messages hiding in his collar. But he'll know you're thinking of him. 


LOVE IS ART: Intimate Art Kit

Because the couple that makes art together (in an intimate way) certainly stays together. 


Chocolate of the Month Club - 3 Months

He has a special place in his heart for you, and he has a special soft spot for anything chocolate. 


Romantic Personalized Coffee Mug Set - Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

The bonus of being a couple is sharing adorable matching things — like sweet coffee mugs for your morning coffee together.


Personalized Silver Fortune Cookie Gift - Fortunes of Love Design

Because the future is looking bright, so set your fiancé up with a personalized fortune of what lies ahead for your love. 


Couples Magazine Cover Frame

You two are anything but shy in front of a camera. So give your fiancé a fun gift that imagines you as an A-list celebrity couple. 


Personalized framed Art - Holding Hands Forever

Here's a reminder to that sweet connection you share — it's as simple as holding hands with the one who lights you up inside. 


Lake Art: Wall Art (Single Layer) -  8 x 10

Maps are a cool and graphic way to decorate your space. What's even better? A piece custom-made for a location that means something to both of you. 


Hit the Funny Bone
Vintage Arcade Lapel Pin

When you discover an accessory as perfect as a vintage arcade pin for him,  snatch it up instantly (before it's gone and game over.)


Funny Pint Glass

Here's the formula for the perfect gift for the guy you love — who knows his science. 


Cereal Killer Spoon

The best way to get a good laugh from your fiancé, someone you know so well, is to rib him about something only the two of you know. Like how he's the mystery cereal killer in your house. 


Funny Mug

Here's a peace offering for your beau. You admit that you're not perfect, and in certain moments (often triggered by a lack of snacks) there can be some big-time cranky moods. 


Yours, Mine, and Ours Engraved Decanter Set

Cheers to this new phase of life together. It's time to engrave those pieces that will be a permanent part of your home bar. 


Beer Jelly - Set of 4

He probably doesn't know beer jelly is a thing, which makes this gift a super surprise to give. 


Craft a Brew: Premium Beer Making Kit

Because good beer is not just a drink to him, but it's a bit of an obsession. 


Desktop Golf

Your guy can never just sit still — and he could use a little distraction during his lunch hour — so here's a fun gift to keep him busy.


Beer Towel

He could care less about towels for your new home, until now. 


Home is Where the Heart Is
Science Flask Salt and Pepper Shakers

You've found something practical for the house that you'll both geek out over. Win win!


Marble Candle

Inside swirly marble, there's a sandalwood scented soy wax candle that's just waiting to set the mood for romance in the bedroom. 


Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Thanks to the wonders of technology, he can actually listen to his favorite tunes in the shower on a bluetooth speaker — for a rockin' start to each day. 


Catchall Stand

Your fiance is just like every guy in one important way — he needs a place to put down all his stuff (or it's bound to get lost, misplaced, or stay stuck inside yesterday's pants pocket.)


Make Your Own BBQ Sauce Kit

Your guy not only wants to master the grill, but he wants to make the very best barbecue. You can add a love note that he's your special sauce. 


Pendleton Bath Towel

Here's the classic Pendleton style he loves in the form of a towel. To make the gift extra romantic, pick up two and give him a note about taking baths as mister and missus. 


Walnut Phone Amplifier

Here's a handy gadget he'll love to use for his phone — and you love the way it looks. Because marriage is all about compromise. 


Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

It's the little things that matter, like noticing your guy can never find the bottle opener in the drawer. Problem solved with this handy gift. 


Personalized Mixtape Doormat

You both grew up in the age of mix tapes, so give him a little reminder of the old school days. 


Pizza of the Month Club - 3 Months

Set him up with his favorite Friday night plan — pizza for dinner and watching a movie together on the sofa, for a sweet evening at home. 


From My Heart To Yoursâ„¢ Couple Mugs

It's okay to be a little schmoopy before 9am with the one you love — and these couple mugs are pretty darn sweet. 


Looking Fine
Tetris T-Shirt

He needs this shirt. Because you two fit together just like this — and he feels like a major score. 


The Art of Shaving Soap

Because sometimes tradition does it better. Like a solid shaving soap for nourishing the skin and giving him a clean shave. 


Guy Stuff Pouch

This pouch says it all — have fun thinking of small surprises to stick inside. 


Vintage Canvas Duffel Bag

Stonewashed canvas gives this duffel — that's perfect for the gym or spontaneous romantic getaways — a rugged coolness. 


Tommy Hilfiger Self-Tie Bow Tie

No one looks better in a bowtie than your sweet beau. 


Working Man's Hygiene Kit

He leans on you to know what he needs product-wise, so that he's looking good. 


Timex Brown Leather Slip-Thru Strap Watch

Here's a comfortable cool watch to help him fulfill his important role — keeping you both on time for appointments. 


Leather Messenger Bag

He's oh-so-fine and walks with a bit of swagger. This leather messenger bag will simply accentuate the positive. 


Beard Grooming Care Kit

Nothing like a grooming bundle of must-have essentials for the hairy guy you love to the moon and back. 


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By: Dana Holmes  |  Apr 22, 2017


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