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Tips for Giving Brilliant Valentine’s Day Gifts for Daughter from Dad

She’s your baby girl. She changed everything about your life and taught you so much about how ladies should be treated. (of course, no man will ever be good enough to marry her!) She’s your little lady and now is the best time to show her that she’s your most precious valentine. Whether it’s your thing to have adventures together or spend quiet time reading in the same room...we’ve got tips to help you show her that she’s the apple of your eye.


Show her how a gentleman should treat her

Traditional gifts are the way to go here. A bouquet of beautiful flowers or a potted flowering plant just for her will make her giggle with delight. A traditional small box of chocolates or anything Valentine’s Day themed will do the trick. Just be sure to let her know that she is your special valentine and that you feel lucky to be her dad.    


Personalize it!

Girls of all ages love seeing their name in print! It doesn’t literally have to be in print although personalized books and leatherbound collections of princess stories are definitely options. There are also endless options of art, decor, furniture and textiles that she will cherish using. A fun touch is to go with a princess or Valentine’s Day themed style with hearts or pink or red details.


Share your childhood

Another great way to bond with your daughter on Valentine’s Day is to give her something that you cherished when you were her age. A copy of your favorite book, a new version of your favorite childhood toy, or whatever you remember most (only the good stuff!) from when you were her age. Connect your story to hers and you can’t help but feel the love.


Make a dream come true

If you live for spoiling your little princess, then there’s no other way to go than to surprise her with something she’s been dreaming of. This could be a big ticket item that didn’t make it on Christmas. Or, it could be something that you’ve always wanted to do together but haven’t found the time yet.


Take her on a date

No matter how old she is, she’ll probably appreciate going on a date with her dad. Give her an invitation on Valentine’s Day for a future date and write in your invitation what you will do together. Take her somewhere for a meal, ice cream or a ballet (ooo la la!). Think of something that she would enjoy doing with you and show her what a razzle dazzle date looks like. Make sure that you save the invitation and take pictures to stash away for later. This is a super fun Valentine’s Day tradition and it teaches her to wait for the big day and to appreciate more than just wrapped up packages. Plus, you’ll have memories that you’ll both be grateful for.


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