Gifts That Celebrate Your Boyfriend's Graduation (It's a Big Deal!)

There’s one parameter for choosing graduation gifts for the boyfriend. And it’s really the same measure you use when shopping for any gifts for your boyfriend. The graduation gift has got to be cool! Leave the practical gifts and cards filled with money to his relatives. Your boyfriend accomplished something big. Now, you want to show him some love and make his day. These graduation gifts hit the right note: they’re simply too cool for school.

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Gifts to Match His Stylish Good Looks

Canvas Weekender Bag

Give him a backpack that matches his rugged good looks, and sets you up for weekend adventures.

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off Abe Froman T-Shirt

No one knows how to play hookie from school like your cutie boyfriend.

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Beard Oil

Pure essential oils are just what his handsome beard needs to stay lookin' good.

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Money Clip Wallet for Men

He likes to travel light, and this money clip will help him travel in style.

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Natural Body Bar

Your boyfriend is not a bodywash fan, nor is he a morning person. Bingo, the perfect gift to make his mornings a little fresher.

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Leather Key Holder

Give your bf a swiveling leather key holder that will keep those important keys in order.

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Men's Mast Jacket

Three cheers for graduation and finding a tailored, handsome jacket to complement your studly boyfriend.

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Wood Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet & Money Clip

They say that opposites attract, and your minimalist boyfriend is sure to love your maximum attention to detail with this wallet.

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Pre-Shave Oil

Shaving is an art, and so is the act of gift giving. He'll be happy to get just what he needs — a smoother shave for those job interviews.

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Duffel Bag

A classic, cool duffel bag is what your boyfriend needs on his next journey.

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Messenger Bag

He's entered a new chapter where he needs to trade in the backpack for a messenger bag for work.

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Double-Wrap Bracelet

He surfs, he skis, and he's down with wearing bracelets (especially ones wrapped in love from his girl.)

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Personalized Collar Stays

Your boyfriend looks so good in a buttondown, and he'll need plenty of business shirts after graduation. Give him a practical gift he wouldn't get himself.


Custom Photo Mug

Some call it a photo mug, but you consider it a sweet daily reminder of your love. Just add coffee.


Leather Toiletry Bag

After graduation, your boyfriend will be traveling a lot, so give him a toiletry bag that is equally stylish and useful.


Personalized Photo Canvas

Grab an action photo of him (like a snap of him pitching, skiing, or shooting hoops), and turn it into a special gift to congratulate your beau on graduation.


Personalized Voice Canvas Art

He'll geek out on what this piece of art represents (his voice!) — and that you pulled off this gift without him knowing.


Personalized Champagne Vase

Champagne vase filled with roses, check. Let the graduation party festivities begin.


Gifts For His Love of Gadgets and Good Food

Bluetooth Thermometer

Your boyfriend is working on his cooking skills, and this bluetooth thermometer will help him get the hang of roasting in no time.

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Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

Your boyfriend loves to cook — and geeks out on anything that feels like a science lab. Let him experiment in making his own pickles.

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Square Bento Box

This Bento box has that modern, sleek design your boyfriend loves. And it makes it so easy to bring lunch to the office (so he can save some money!).

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Vintage Leather Book Sleeve for Macbook

Give your boyfriend the coolest laptop sleeve around. Whether he's studying at the libary or working at the coffeeshop, he can keep his most prized possession — his Macbook — hidden inside a genuine leather sleeve of hardback book covers.

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Shark Clip Watch

This is the ultimate watch for daredevils like your boyfriend,  who will for sure test its night vision and water resistancy.

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Multi-Functional Pocket Tool

Your boyfriend loves practical gifts that play to his geeky side. And this multi-functional pocket tool can be used anywhere.


Star Wars App Controlled Robot

You know anything that relates to Star Wars is a win for him. This robot will be a fun thing to bring to school.

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Rustic Leather Charger Case for Laptop

Because looks count in the working world, this leather charger case for his laptop means makes a good impression.

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Wireless Portable Speaker

It's rugged, compact, and just his speed — this portable speaker lets your boyfriend listen to his tunes on any adventure.

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Steak Sauce

Give him a high-end steak sauce to up his game in grilling. Then you two can celebrate the big graduation over a steak dinner.

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iPhone Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Give your boyfriend a solution to his biggest problem. Finding his lost phone.


Waterproof Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag

There's no denying your boyfriend knows what looks good. And this waxed canvas lunch bag is sure to impress his new co-workers.

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Personalized Pocket Knife

Put a sweet message (maybe your nickname for him?) on this personalized pocket knife as a grad gift for the long-distance boyfriend. He'll be prepared to open all those care packages you'll be sending.


Gifts For His Fun Loving Spirit

Ceramic Flask

For the boyfriend who loves a good tailgate or live show, this ceramic flask is a cool way to celebrate his graduation.

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Kala Makala Shark Soprano Ukulele

He can play around with this ukele in the dorm — it's perfect for beginners.

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Skateboard/Bike Helmet

You know your boyfriend will be biking around campus, so give him a helmet that keeps him safe and looks rad, too.

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Beech Wood Bottle Opener

Toast to his graduation with his favorite craft brews and a new magnetized bottle opener that can go on the fridge.

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Beer Glass Set

The best way to cheers to your boyfriend's success is with a six-pack set of crystal beer glasses and his favorite IPA.

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Productivity Planner

For the boyfriend who finds it hard to balance work and play, here's a planner to get him on track for success.

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Ping Pong Set

Because a little competition between you two is fun and healthy — and a way to break up study sessions.

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Lists of Note

Here's an entertaining read for your deep boyfriend who's been looking for greater meaning in the world.

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Couple Collection Passport Holder

Twin out with your boyfriend and give him a couple's set of passport holders, since you just booked that post-graduation trip. Just add your initials in the hearts.

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Personalized Keepsake Gift

At first glance this looks like a fancy, formal gift he'd get from a firm. But when your boyfriend reads the hilariously funny quote you put in this keepsake gift, the irony will not be lost on him.


Adventure Gifts

Because your boyfriend is always up for an adventure, and now's the perfect time to go on one together.


Name A Star

You're just setting out in the world, together. Give him a gift that reminds him to look up for the stars.


Graduation Caricature

He's a jokester, but this time you found a fun gift to make him smile.


Personalized Love Story Book

He knows you well and expects you to go for the sentimental gift — and this love story book won't disappoint.


Embroidered College Pillow

His first place is on the bare side of decorating, so give him a special pillow that adds some warmth, color, and a sweet reminder of the state where you both went to school.


Personalized Silver Fortune Cookie

You share a love of many things, including Chinsese takeout. He'll love receiving a personalized good fortune for post-graduation life.


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Mar 24, 2017


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