Graduation Gifts for Your Friends that are Most Likely to Succeed

Let’s hear it for the graduates! Your besties are marking a major milestone, and you want to celebrate with more than high fives. Graduation gifts for friends are not just about saying congratulations. These are your peeps who helped you make it through school — from late-night study sessions to midterm madness. Graduation gifts need not be pricey, either (you’re students, after all). Whether the next stop is college or the working world, here are graduation gifts to let friends know you made it together.

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Give Your Friends a Laugh

Wine Carrier Bike Accessory

Cheers to graduation! Set up your friend with a cool accessory for bringing wine to potlucks and parties.

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Emoji Wine Charms

For the friend who can't text without emojis, these wine charms secure their place as best graduation gift.

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Donut Pool Float

Because you and your friends took a bite out of your education by graduating with honors. Now you have a little time to kick back and relax (and make some memorable Instagram snaps).

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Go Away Doormat

Your good friend just graduated, moved into a new apartment — and will now have the perfect doormat.

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Aloha Necklace

Give her a necklace that perfectly matches her laid-back outlook on life.

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Funny Gym Bag

Found: a bag she can use for working out that sounds exactly like something your friend would say. Perfect gift alert.

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The Game of Ludicrous Life Choices

Here's a party game you'll all get hooked on — a game about ludicious life choices.

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Concrete Desk Planter

Your friend is sure to nerd out on this concrete desk planter — a place for plants and pens!

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Oh! For Fox Sake Mug

Because the best graduation gifts for friends are ones that have nothing to do with school (and everything to do with getting a good laugh!).

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Kikkerland ST71 Storm Glass

This storm glass looks rad and actually works to forecast the weather. Add a note that you're sure your bestie can weather any storms ahead.

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Tarot Deck

This beautiful bestselling tarot deck is the gift to give your friend who's always looking for a sign on what to do.

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Literary Scarf

Lit majors rejoice! Give her an accessory that's longer than the last essay she wrote and is full of famous excerpts from books that she probably read in school.


Instant Air Sofa

Your crew has big plans for your break from school. Basically, lounging around by the water with one of these.


Help Your Friends With Adulting

Canvas Lunch Bag

It's almost like giving your friend a big cash gift for graduation, because she'll save so much money using this waxed canvas lunch bag (rather than buying lunch).

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Glass Prism Air Plant Terrarium

Because anyone who spends as much time studying ‚ as your friend, needs some pretty greenery on the desk. Add a non-needy succulent plant inside this terrarium is a perfect choice, since it can thrive with little watering.  

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Retro Coffee Mugs

Because you two survived midterms on coffee, and you know she'd love the retro modern style of these porcelain mugs.

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Artisanal Soap

No one works harder than your friend, so give him a graduation gift that feels like a pick-me-up.

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Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold

Just because you all graduated, doesn't mean you're too old for the fun stuff.  Give your bestie a cool set of popsicles molds, which will find a lot of creative uses for during summer break.

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Library Collection Candle Tins

These candles tins make sense for the friend who booked lots of study time in the library with you.

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Hand Pour Coffee

One degree down, the next university to go. Give your friend a way to keep the momentum (and caffeine) flowing.

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Marble and Wood Cheese Server

Rather than making big meals, busy students tend to graze on a lot of snacks. Here's a pretty way for your friend to gather cheeses, chips, and veggies for afternoon study sessions.

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The Keyboard Waffle Iron

Tap into this hilarious idea because your friend graduated; and when else will there be a more perfect time for such an unexpected gift?

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Waterproof Portable Speakers

Besides flip-flops for the dorm shower, your friend needs to have a way to listen (and sing along) to her tunes.

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Concrete Planters

Solid and gold, these concrete planters remind you of a friendship that started when you two were so little. Add in air plants, succulents, or tea lights and you have a sweet graduation gift to give.

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Breakfast Set of Bamboo Melamine Dishes

Because students want dishes that won't break, harm the planet (these are made with bamboo) — and they certainly need to be anything but dull.

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The Moon Juice Cookbook

Your friend is a picture of wellness and is always looking for natural alternatives. So give your foodie friend the cookbook that will keep her on track to feeling well, mind and body.

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Folk Bird Coasters

Your friend has a sweet spirit and listens to folk indie tunes. Here's the perfect gift to say congrats on graduation and good luck in your new apartment!

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Personalized Photo Canvas

Depending on the photo of your friend that you choose, this gift could go one of two ways — super sentimental or totally incriminating. Choose wisely.


Pewter Paperweight

Because his love of baseball is not going away, just because you all graduated.


Collegiate Bottle Opener

Here's a simple, thoughtful way to say cheers to a graduating college friend who's made your days at school more fun.


Leather Portfolio

You know this gift will get good use after school. Set your friend up for successful resume sharing, interviewing and team meetings.


Modern Glass Pyramid Terrarium

Give your friend a design-forward terrarium to hang up in the new place. After graduation comes first apartment dwellings.

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Smart Luggage

There's a reason luggage is a common graduation gift. You'll be the friend who knows this carry-on suitcase is a smart choice to plug into and secretly charge up your phone.

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Personalized Wine

What goes better with graduation, than a little vino? He'll be psyched to uncork a bottle with his name on the label.


Think About Your Connection as Friends

Alphabet Pendant Necklace

Because even though you're headed to different schools, she'll always be your bestie.

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Embroidered College Pillow

Give her a pillow that's a perfect keepsake of where your friendship all began (away at college together).


Lomo Instant Camera

There's no phone filter that can give your snap the imperfectly awesome look of a Lomo camera. Your friend will love this new toy (and it's small enough to slip inside his pocket, too.)

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Card Deck

Because your crew has played a lot of games together, and that's not going to change after graduation.

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The Naked Roommate Book

From high school graduation to roommate placements for the college dorm. Here's the book that your friend needs to read!

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Best Friends Key Ring

Because friends don't let friends drive off to college without a reminder that they'll be missed.


Instagram Photos Blanket

Senior year will go down in history (and never be forgotten) thanks to this personalized Instagram photo blanket. Be sure to only choose the flattering snaps.


3D Photo Crystal

This 3D photo crystal falls on the sappy side of gifts — just perfect for the sentimental friend who writes you the longest emails about weekend happenings.


Custom Coffee Mug

Because sometimes the most obvious gift is the best one to choose. Your friend only graduates once and needs a mug to prove it!


Inspirational Pillow

Inspiration comes in all forms, so let your friend sleep on some wise words.


Pewter Airplane Paperweight

Here's the too-perfect gift for the friend who's been with you since middle school days, where you were the troublemakers in the back of class.


Ticket Stub Scrapbook Album

Here's the perfect graduation gift for that buddy who goes to all the concerts with you. Because you've graduated beyond shoebox storage for ticket stubs.


Personalized Canvas Print

Make it funny, make it sweet, make it an inside joke. Just imagine the possibilities of what you can say on this personalized canvas print — for the friend who you know so well.


Engraved Jewelry Box

You know your friend loves her bling, and here's the perfect box to bring jewelry away to school with her.


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Mar 26, 2017


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