Rad Graduation Gifts He Won't See Coming

Graduations are a big deal to the graduate. And that’s true whether your graduate is headed to high school, college — or just completed a master’s degree or med school and is headed out into the world with first apartments and new jobs. Graduating is a big milestone that definitely calls for a gift, and we realize guys are not the easiest to shop for. Consider this your cheatsheet to graduation gifts for him. You’ll ace the gift, we promise.

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Gifts Just For Him

The Explorer Cooler

First comes graduation, then comes paying back student loans! This cooler will give him a stylish ways to pack lunches for work and to escape to nature on weekends.

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Men's Wallet

Here's an idea that's so much cooler than a money card. Stick some cash in this stylish wallet as an awesome graduation idea for him.

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Fish Pocket Knife

School has taught him many things, but you've taught him to always be prepared — like this practical pocket knife with a fun design.

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Walnut Flash Drives

Graduates have a lot of data to store, so give him a stylish color-coded way to backup his work.

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Herschel Supply Backpack

For graduates who are traveling, taking a gap year, or heading to another university (with more books to carry), this is the classic modern backpack for him.

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Leather Passport Holder

Sweet leather passport holder, check. Because he's graduated beyond shoving his passport in his back pocket.

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Wool Felt Cover Journal

If he's doing some travel after graduation, give him a manly journal that's easy to carry around and jot down his thoughts.

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JK Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle (armygreen, 21oz)

Give him a solid, oh-so-rugged stainless steel bottle that works for keeping water cool or keeping coffee hot (as you know he takes it black).

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Monogram Tie

From school to the office, this gift graduates him from classroom to classy.


Spokane Sleeve for Macbook

He's always going to be an Apple-over-PC guy, so give him a special sleeve for his beloved Macbook.

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Ride Shotgun in a Stock Car

Let your graduate blow off some steam and get ready for life in the fast lane with a dream-come-true ride in a stock car.


Personalized Tie Bar

Oh snap! You can personalize this shiny tie bar with the date of his graduation.


Personalized Men's Wallet

He's also graduating into being out in the real world, paying bills — all on his own. Set him up with a personalized wallet (and maybe a little cash tucked inside.)


Personalized Wooden Postcards

Here's the perfect keepsake to pair with that graduation check for him.


Personalized Watch Box

One of you gives the watch. The other gives a special way to store it at school.  Because you're both so proud of him.


1 Acre of Land on the Moon

Because you've always said to study hard and reach for the stars.


Gifts For His Place

Portable Tabletop Grill

Here's the perfect gift for the apartment-dwelling grad who's only got a terrace or balcony to work with — but loves a grilled burger.

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Cocktail Bar Tool Kit Set

These handcrafted bar tools toast to the college graduate and set him up for his new pad.

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Seasoning Gift Crate

Stock his pantry with the important stuff — BBQ seasonings for grilling all summer long.

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Compact Fridge

Here's what he really needs for that dorm room — a way to store snacks for late-night studying.

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Rocket Salt and Pepper Mill

From college to first apartment, this salt and pepper mill will blast him off to adulting in a fun way.

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Bull Bookend

Introducing the perfect grad gift to show him you're bullish on his future prospects.

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Wood Storage Box

Help your graduate get his desk in order with a wood storage box that's simply his style.

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Pendleton Blanket

Give him a classic wool blanket he'll want to use wherever he lives, for years to come.

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Solo Wireless Walnut Speaker

Because good tunes are essential for studying, and he can bring this small speaker with him to college.

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Extra Large Lightning Cord

Even the cords look better than they did when you went to school! Here's a practical gift he'll appreciate.

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Desktop Edison Lamp

Here's your lightbulb what-to-buy-for-him idea — a desktop lamp that's too cool for school.

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Chef's Knife

He went for the black iPod, so you know he'll think this black chef's knife is a rad gift for his first kitchen.

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Planet Bowls

This set of solar system bowls will set the best cereal breakfasts into orbit.

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Cotton Throw

If your graduate is headed to his first place, do some shopping for his home (he'll appreciate it!).

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Now is the Time Clock

He needs this, because no truer words have been spoken.


Personalized Photo Canvas Print

Turn a favorite Instagram snap into a special canvas print for decorating his place.


3D Photo Crystal

Choose the right snap and this 3D photo crystal is sure to be an eye-catching accent for his desk.


Custom Graduation Ceramic Coffee Mug

He's headed to big things ahead. But first, coffee.


Custom Graduation Picture Frame

You have too much pride to pack into a card, so give your graduate a custom picture frame to show him your love.


Literature Mug

Lit majors everywhere will appreciate a mug that's full of important words.


Embroidered College Pillows

Give your high school graduate a pillow embroidered with the state where he's headed for college.


Portable Collar Iron

Your graduate's next stop is a business office setting, so give him an easy way to wear a pressed shirt each day.


Inspirational Pillow

For the grad about to enter med school, a phD program, or some other intense schooling, give him some fun inspiration to carry on with sleepless nights.


Graduation Canvas

Here's the perfect gift for any grad who shows so much pride in his alma mater.


Gifts To Share With Friends

Stainless Steel Wine Chillers

From cool graduate to a cool first apartment. Give him a grownup nod for the big accomplishment.

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Satellite Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Because he can get big sound out of a small package. And this bluetooth speaker can travel with him on work trips.

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Faceted Crystal Tumblers

These crystal tumblers are handsome and original, just like a graduate you know.

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Original Bean Bag Chair

There's one thing that dorm room is missing, and that's a comfy bean bag chair for chillin' with his roomies.

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Recycled Beer Bottle Glass and Shot Glass

He's graduated and he's a beer-loving kind of guy. Toast to him with a special set of glasses.

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Gorillapod Camera Tripod

When he's not studying, he loves to play with his camera — and this tripod will help him create better photos and videos.

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Floppy Disk Drink Coasters

Poke fun at the generation gap between you. Here's a funny gift from someone who used floppy disks to a graduate (who was on Facebook before you).

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Words of Wisdom Jar

Set this Words of Wisdom jar out at the graduation party and you'll be giving him the best advice to take with him.


Personalized Keepsake Gift

These keepsake gifts are always tagged to oh-so-serious quotes. But if you personalize it with a quote from his favorite movie or show, you suddenly have a fun modern addition to his desk.


Are you still feeling stuck? (Because he's so hard to shop for!) Then, here are gifts for the biggest sports fan, gifts for the guy who'll be biking around campus, and great gifts for your son, the graduate. 

Mar 24, 2017


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